Grab Your Pitchforks, the Rebellion is Here!

The April 3, 2006, edition of the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine has been published. You can view it here. This week’s columns include:

Pod People
By stringing disconnected pods of development along our main roads, local planning policies force Virginians into their cars and aggravate traffic congestion.
by James A. Bacon

Getting to Yes
Some great values, respect, decisiveness and experience were on display this week.
by Doug Koelemay

Democracy as National Religion
Contemporary Americans worship democracy and majority rule. They forget that the United States also is a republic, which imposes checks and balances against the tyranny of the mob.
by Patrick McSweeney

Where Have I Heard This Before?
Tim Kaine says his $1 billion tax increase will help relieve traffic congestion. Sounds uncannily similar to claims made in 1986.
by Patrick McSweeney

Warner Watchdog
To most Virginians, Mark Warner may be out of sight and out of mind. But the Blue Dog faithfully keeps tabs on the former governor’s national ambitions.
by Steven Sisson

Do We Need It All?
Virginia’s wish list of transportation projects fund includes many that will do little to relieve traffic congestion. Virginia needs to rethink the way it sets its funding priorities.
by Geoffrey Segal

Taxing Drivers
Desperate for a new source of transportation revenues, the House has passed a bill that is clearly unconstitutional — fining drivers for offenses committed before the law was passed.
by Philip Rodokanakis

Funny Money
It’s all play money to the economic geniuses in the state Senate. The senators’ transportation- financing plan doesn’t make a lick of economic sense.
by Jim Bowden

None of Your Business
No need for Kaine and McDonnell to argue over the governor’s authority to bar discrimination by sexual orientation. A Supreme Court ruling limits government’s discretion already.
by Becky Dale

Straight Talk about Gay Rights
Nondiscrimination in the state workforce should extend to sexual orientation. The only criteria that should affect employees’ work status should be professional performance.
by Jay Gandy

Nice & Curious Questions:
Happy Trails to You:
Virginia’s Unbeaten Paths
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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One response to “Grab Your Pitchforks, the Rebellion is Here!”

  1. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    Pod People is a tour de force. A concrete recognition of a common problem, that could be easily solved, with enough diplomacy and money.

    One reason we have pods is that we insist the developers pay for the streets. They will only pay for streets that their customers will use, and they delibrately defend their customers from intrusion from outside. Here is a case where paying for your own location dependent resources turns out to be a disamenity for everyone else.

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