Good news today! One of the Right WingNut e-newsletters has noted Bacons’ Rebellion at the top of its list of “The ‘Right’ Blogs”

We were a little concerned that this would tarnish Jim Bacon’s pledge to provide all sides of every issue.

Then we heard that one of the leading Left WingNut e-newsletters was going to put Bacon’s Rebellion at the top of its “Best Blogs” list.

Congratulations Jim!


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3 responses to “GOOD NEWS CONGRATS JIM”

  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Thanks, Ed! I make every effort to offend everyone equally.

  2. E M Risse Avatar

    I have no idea what 8-D means, I do know about D-8s.

    This post is about to pass into the great beyond termed “archives.”

    No one noted the irony of the original post:

    There are no Left WingNut e-newsletters. An interesting question is why?

    We have has the same e-mail address since AOL took over CompuServe. Every election we are on the e-mail list (and the USPS mailing list) of every candidate from both of the Duopoly parties as well any independents in our or nearby precincts.

    Between elections we get piles of Right WingNut publications, none from the Left WingNut side.

    Perhaps the Right WingNuts have more money and are willing to spend it on staff and overhead?

    Perhaps the “shift to the right” of the last few years was fueled by the volume of propaganda from one side vs the other?


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