From Talk-Talk to Spend-Spend

Executive coaching fees

by James A. Bacon

It looks like Fairfax County Public Schools are moving beyond talking about an “anti-racist” agenda and into the implementation stage — and they’re forking out the big bucks to develop “culturally sensitive leadership capacity” among senior executives, principals and staff.

A contract with the NYC Leadership Academy provides for “culturally competent” leadership training. The training costs $6,700 for 15 hours of virtual executive coaching — at the rate of $467 per hour.

School leader training is almost as expensive — $6,800 for 20 coaching hours, or $340 an hour.

Then there is “coaching for equitable practice” — a program that builds the capacity of leaders to “shift their mindset and behavior” and to “transform their leadership practice in ways that advance equity.” NYC Leadership Academy charges $21,600 for two-day workshops of up to 15 participants.

The contract also incorporates the New Principle Institute, which builds “culturally responsive leadership capacity” and allows principals to “hit the ground running when the school year starts.” Three full-day sessions with up to 30 participants costs $28,600. Taxpayers will be relieved to know that the sum includes “out-of-pocket” expenses. Alas, travel, food, space, and equipment cost extra.

Fairfax County also can license what NYC Leadership Academy calls “equity simulations” — online learning tools based on an authentic “school-based scenario” in which school leaders are confronted with a variety of challenges, make leadership decisions, and deal with the consequences of their decision in real time. A bargain at $2,500 per license fee — and an ever better bargain if more than one simulation is licensed, in which a 10% discount applies.

The contract lasts through July 31, 2025.

Read the contract here.

Hat tip: Parents Defending Education