Fitch Struggles for Recognition

GOP gubernatorial candidate George Fitch has finally garnered some ink in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, although the lead of today’s article by Tyler Whitley could not be what he was hoping for: “Fitch struggles for recognition in his GOP bid to be governor”.

Fitch has loads of ideas for cutting costs and taxes, Whitley wrote, but he can’t get them out because he lacks money and a campaign organization. The Warrenton mayor “soldiers on, usually driving by himself in his Ford Taurus, talking with whomever will listen about ‘the Warrenton miracle.’ While Kilgore has raised more than $5 million, Fitch has raised only $140,000 — mostly from his own pocket.

Given the anti-tax fervor of the Republican rank and file, I’m amazed that Fitch has attracted so little support. It does seem likely that Fitch will get on the primary ballot, at least, so Republicans will at least be able to register a protest vote against the Business As Usual wing of the GOP.

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  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Norm over at One Man’s Trash was all over this story, too:

    Jim, Whitley’s story was the best thing to happen to Fitch since your profile of him months ago. I’m amazed that he has either not tried or has failed to garner more free media. Why he didn’t blog or get someone to run a Fitch blog is a mystery to me.

  2. Steven Avatar

    Mayor Fitch is struggling for name recognition. It’s a shame — because Fitch offers an alternative to the status quo.

    There’s no easy fix because money rules in VA politics.

  3. victoria Avatar

    Fitch’s ideas are not new they just don’t pass the Senate. At least he knows what is going on in the House…

  4. I like the idea that Fitch is running on cost cutting. I just don’t believe some of his numbers…they’re a bit too good to be true.

  5. victoria is right again.

    Darn you’re good! The house is way ahead of the curve, but the senate refuses to play the cost cutting game.

    As the Red Dog would say, “Wow, color me shocked!”

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