Fairfax Democratic Party Praises Riots

Mayhem in Manassas. Photo credit: Fox News 5

by Hans Bader

In one of America’s largest suburban counties, the Democratic Party praised the recent riots that inflicted major damage on cities such as Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. As Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal notes, the Fairfax County Democratic Party said, “Riots are an integral part of the country’s march towards progress.” This inflammatory claim was remarkable, because it was made “in the affluent suburbs outside DC, an area known for its moderation.”

And it came right after rioters did many millions of dollars in damage to non-profits and retail establishments in the neighboring District of Columbia. Rioters did major damage to the National Treasury Employees Union building, universities, hotels, banks, restaurants, liquor stores, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation — as you can see from these photos taken by Zack Stanton of Politico.

After a backlash, the Fairfax County Democratic Party removed its praise for the riots from the internet. But if a supposedly moderate Democratic Party would say this, many Democratic leaders across America may privately think this — especially in more radical regions.

The Party may have been emboldened to praise the riots by its recent political successes, which may have left it feeling invulnerable. The Democratic Party runs Fairfax County lock, stock, and barrel. It controls all 12 seats on its school board, and all but one seat on its county board. The County’s political transformation has been rapid: As recently as 2009, Republicans carried Fairfax county in the election for governor. But today, Republicans represent no Fairfax districts in the state legislature, and hold almost no offices in the county.

Fairfax Democrats were probably wrong about the political efficacy of rioting. Progressives sometimes say that “riots are the voice of the  unheard,” and depict rioting as a way to achieve social or political change. But academic research finds that rioting often backfires and results in voters choosing the political party more hostile to the rioters.

The classic example is the 1968 election, in which American voters, fed up with rioting, elected the law-and-order candidate, Republican Richard Nixon, over Democrat Hubert Humphrey. As Ross Douthat notes in the New York Times, in 1968:

Liberalism unraveled amid the subsequent nationwide wave of crime, unrest and disorder, which liberal mandarins and liberal machine politicians alike were unable to successfully manage or contain. The riots of the ’60s, from Watts to Washington, D.C., were only part of this story; the wider surge of murder, battery and theft probably mattered as much to realignment. But there is a striking pattern of evidence, teased out in the research of the Princeton political scientist Omar Wasow, showing how … violence pushed white voters toward Republicans.

As Wasow observed, “proximity to black-led violent protests caused substantively important declines” in the Democratic vote, “enough to tip the 1968 election from Hubert Humphrey to Nixon.”

In short, notes Douthat, “violent protests tipped public opinion away from the protesters, and toward a stronger desire for what Nixon called law and order.”

Rioting also has long-lasting negative consequences for the residents of black neighborhoods damaged by looting. These neighborhoods often still bear the scars of looting and destruction many years later. And black workers and shop-owners suffer when businesses that employ people are destroyed. For example, a black firefighter was devastated after rioters destroyed the bar he spent his life savings to build.

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25 responses to “Fairfax Democratic Party Praises Riots

  1. ” supposedly moderate Democratic Party…”
    Who has such a supposition today.
    Today’s Democrat party and it’s captive MSM bear no resemblance to the once-proud party of the people. It’s leaders in government and out brazenly preach defying any laws they don’t like and destroying any person or entity they view as non-sympathetic. They justify and celebrate violence and proudly fund-raise on lawfare – the fiendish exploitation of the rich subtlety of Locke’s laws to achieve the law’s opposite purpose.

    They badger, smear, insult, sue, threaten, coerce with police power or looter power whichever is handiest, media scorn, lies, and insolence and whatever else they can think of to eradicate any opposition or deviance from the liberal catechism.

    Praising looters and funding their bail and attorneys seems very consistent with what we have been witnessing, particularly since Reverend Wright introduced his acolyte, our Hope and Change President, with his ringing “God Damn America” rant.

    Do they have an actual agenda? Do they know what they want? It doesn’t seem so. What they want is to overturn and demolish everything built up since our creation as a Republic which will presumably create a color-blind, marvelously equal, happy and prosperous nation where there are no downtrodden, or poor, or stereotyped, or discriminated or unhappy people . How successful they will be might be forecast in the cities and states where they have had total control for a very long time, not to speak of the US Government itself.

    • Well, no one will ever accuse you of beating around the bush on this issue!

      But if anything can split the Dems the riots can and it will also split the Independents.

      It’s one thing to engage protests over injustice, it’s quite another to engage in violence, looting, vandalism and fire bombing… anarchy.

      The POTUS may have found a political sweet spot.

  2. “Virginia Dems blame ‘volunteer’ for tweet praising rioters after night of mayhem across America”. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-dems-blame-volunteer-for-tweet-praising-rioters

    Uh, James, what definition of the word “BLAME” are you avoiding to twist the official position of the Fairfax Democratic Party into praising the riots?

    Have another cup of joe and read that again.

    • Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa… Hans, not James. My eye caught the dateline with James’ name rather than the byline.

      It is Hans who apparently thinks Twitter is a source of fact-checked news and twisted the Fox headline. That makes more sense since I’m fairly confident Mr. Bacon is far more pensive.

  3. Not sure which concerns me more, people who post stupid stuff on Twitter or the people who take it seriously. One tweet does not a party policy make. But it has been both fascinating and horrifying to follow all this on that medium, and if you follow some of the strings you go to dark, dark places. We all know who is the worst offender so hard for any Republican to whine. If all Democrats must be held to account for one tweet, what about us and El Presidente’s foolish fingers?

    Gonna be a long summer….

    Yes, Democrats are in a crack. More so than in the 1960s and 70s the cities burning and police forces under attack are led by Democrats, many black and all far more progressive than the Mayor Daley of old….And their putative leader is also saying some extremely stupid stuff, like yesterday’s comment that when a cop is being challenged by an unarmed person coming at him with a knife, he should do something safe like aim for the leg. He said it. Go look it up. The media will try to bury it….

  4. If Mr. Bader and SGillispie had read the story instead of just the headline, they would have learned that, first, it was a retweet, and. second. that the retweet was not authorized by the party’s leaders or regular staff, but was done by someone who was supposedly a volunteer for the party. Once the party leadership learned of the retweet, it disavowed it and took it down.

  5. “Instead of standing there and teaching a cop, when there’s an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something, you shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart is a very different thing. There’s a lot of different things that could change,” Biden said in a meeting with community leaders at Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del.

    Brilliant. And Trump has the cops around the White House clear away peaceful protesters, not yet violating curfew, using gas and rubber bullets, just so he can go do his photo-op at that church. Equally brilliant.

    • “when there’s an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something,…”

      If Joe wasn’t already known to give Samuel Goldwyn a run for his money, I’d be a little concerned…

    • I’ve heard many people say they can’t understand why cops don’t shoot at extremities. I think it more stems from a true lack of any firearms knowledge or training. They don’t understand how hard it is to hit center mass when moving in a high pressure situation. A lot of people believe that cops are Annie Oakley out here. I also don’t believe they really think through the practical effects either. If a man wielding a knife can get within 20 feet of an officer before he draws his weapon, it’s more likely than not that in a dead rush he can get the officer. Even an unarmed combatant, if he can get the cop to the ground without getting shot, is now in a 50/50 encounter.

      I personally get tired of hearing about mental health issues. In my opinion, that’s not a cops problem. In the case of Marcus Peters, yes he was obviously crazy, but he straight up told the cop he was going to kill him. The police in those situations can’t be tasked with trying to diagnose whether you really want to kill them or only want to kill them because you’re crazy. It won’t make the officer any less dead because he was killed by a crazy person.

  6. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    The Appomattox Statue in Alexandria was whisked away into a secret location at sunrise this morning. No commotion, no press, no problems. I wonder what will become of Monument Avenue?

  7. Getting back to Fairfax County, somebody forwarded this to me, from a broadcast email sent recently by Board Chair McKay.

    “To the Fairfax County Community,

    Over the weekend, millions marched the streets across the United States mourning the death of George Floyd and rightfully protesting the injustices and systemic racism experienced by generations of African American men and women in this country.

    I’m angry and disgusted that today, for the third time in as many days, we saw peaceful protestors tear gassed and shot with pellet guns as they chanted for peace and change. Simultaneously, COVID-19 continues to showcase and exacerbate the disparities that exist in our most vulnerable communities. “

    Nothing about rioting and arson. Nothing about looting. Nothing about intentional deadly assaults on police officers, usually from ambush. So move the focus from that anonymous and denied tweet, and bring it upon this elected official wearing blinders and seeking to pander in a signed and broadly distributed message. Sent on the taxpayer-provided account. Worse to me, actually.

    • Well, rioting, arson, and looting are crimes not covered by the 1st Amendment and not within the purview of any political partiy.

      The DNC is clear that speech, assembly, and redress are paramount, unlike with the GOP where the 2nd comes 1st.

      Law and Order — keyword, “order” aka “Git in yo place, Boy, and stay there.”

      And, just outta curiosity, what indicated it was at taxpayer expense? What was the origin email?

    • The more I think about it, the angrier I get. This “leader” didn’t have the moral or political courage to condemn the violence, so he just failed to mention it. Probably within range of smoke from DC. Is ignoring the criminal violence any worse than praising it? Not really.

      And pure horse hockey, Nancy, with the First Amendment essential to any political party and containing a guarantee of freedom of religion. To those who see the 2nd as so important, well, the last few days have made their case.

      It was clearly marked as a county email, with info on services and COVID, and county addresses and phone numbers at the end. Each supervisor apparently has such an account….

    • McKay is an embarrassment. Given that he is county chair – was he accusing the Fairfax County police of wrongdoing? Or is he just another Libtwit popping off? What he should have tweeted is that Fairfax County has an outstanding police department with a well deserved reputation for both effectiveness and integrity. When Jim Bacon posted the list for officer involved shootings in 2018 I thought it noteworthy that Virginia’s most populous jurisdiction didn’t have an entry.

    • And nothing from Fairfax County criticizing the City of Minneapolis for failing to remove Chauvin despite what is now claimed to be 18/19 complaints and two letters of reprimand. I wrote both McKay and Foust (two really decent people) as to why the silence about the City of Minneapolis and its leaders whose total disregard for bad behavior was a major cause of the death of George Floyd? Had Minneapolis, which has not had a GOP mayor since 1961, except for a two-day transition period in the 1970s, and no GOP alderman since 1997, taken reasonable action and fired Chauvin years ago, George Floyd would have been alive today. Chauvin needs to be convicted (easier now since the two autopsies agree as to cause of death) but the dirtbags that run the Mpls police department need to resign.

      Good things, sales of firearms are up and jobs for sycophant journalists are down.

  8. Yesterday peaceful protestors near the White House were forced away so Trump could use an historic church as a campaign much to the dismay of the Episcopal bishop of DC,
    In Richmond, hundreds of protestors near Monument Ave were tear gassed 30 minutes before curfew. The later offered a lame apology.

    • All true. However, when the county board chair of Fairfax County sends an email an an official county account I assume it is in reference to the county.

      “I’m angry and disgusted that today, for the third time in as many days, we saw peaceful protestors tear gassed and shot with pellet guns as they chanted for peace and change.”

      Is the empty suit referring to Fairfax County? You know, the jurisdiction where he is chair? Using the official account of the county? Did he see Fairfax County police gassing protesters and shooting them with pellets? Oh no? Nothing like that happened in Fairfax County? What a dipstick.

      • Ya know, sometimes you (guys) is just a bit too provincial. Not a criticism, but I’m bettin’ you never missed an episode of ” Thirty-Something”.

  9. There is a lot to unpack here. But we learned during the campus riots during the Vietnam War, that unpredictable mob mentality can quickly develop from crowds and become very destructive. That said, the tactic of clearing the crowd last night for a Trump photo op seemed like poor planning by someone.

    So while we may sympathize with the issues, spontaneous unplanned crowds are a mob-mentality disaster waiting to happen.

    As far as Fairfax, I note that the police chief was not voicing support for the demonstrations, as one of the Maryland County police chiefs did. Although we have a liberal blue Fairfax government, with the gift of political gab, we still have our work cut out to live up to liberal ideals.

  10. Dick, your comment to me suggests you think I had not read the story, had not discovered that the tweet was taken down and with that additional information would have posted something different.
    You should know that I respect you as a journalist but you did not confirm those suppositions.
    I was aware the tweet was taken down which fact changes nothing in the observations I cited. In fact, so far as what Democrat leaders actually say, they and their MSM propaganda arm are on a path to make a caricature of Orwell ‘s Ministry of Truth. Example: How about Pelosi solemnly asking Trump to unite the country for a staggeringly hypocritical mockery of truth and sincerity.

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