Factoid of the Day: Virginia’s Biggest Agricultural Customer

Morocco? Really?

Virginia agricultural exports are on a roll, having increased 6% in value in 2011. And our biggest export customer was… Morocco. Yes, that small African country purchased $360 million in Virginia farm and wood products, more than China ($304 million), Canada ($220 million), Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia, Cuba, Venezuela, Indonesia, or any other country.

Top export products in 2011 included soybeans, poultry, wheat, pork, lumber and wood products, corn, animal feed, un-manufactured leaf tobacco, fats and oils, cotton, marine and aquaculture products, fresh vegetables, raw peanuts, hides and skins, processed foods, and beverages, including wine. So says this press release from the Guv’s office.


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  1. well if we believe DJR’s narrative, much/most of RoVa is a wretched poverty-stricken wasteland that sucks the economic lifeblood from NoVa.


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