Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

While I labor ingloriously to ignite a second Bacon’s Rebellion here in Virginia, a Bacon Revolution has taken the United States by storm. The United States has developed a craving for bacon that cannot be satiated. We now have bacon ice cream, bacon-infused whiskey, bacon soap and, my personal favorite, served at a birthday party over the weekend: Tater Tots wrapped in cheese and bacon. Yummmm. Oh, my heart, I think my arteries just clogged up. I don’t care, give me more baaaacon!

This article at Smithsonian.com describes the culinary phenomenon sweeping the nation.

The comedian Jim Gaffigan riffs on the wonders of bacon.


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(comments below)


4 responses to “Everything Tastes Better with Bacon”

  1. Bacon FLAVOR JAB…bacon FLAVOR. no fat.. no calories.. no carcinogenic threat.. just pure unadulterated FAKE …FLAVOR.

    Can I say that? Can I say UNADULTERATED with respect to fake artificial flavors?


  2. HardHatMommy Avatar

    Oh LarryG,
    Stay away from that fake stuff. Go get some bacon over at Whole Foods
    cured with naturally occurring salts, rather than synthetic sodium nitrates.

    My family is a healthy little bunch and we eat a huge variety of natural foods. I’d rather feed my kids naturally cured bacon than sugary cereal. . You won’t find oreos in my pantry, but you will find made from scratch oatmeal cookies in the cookie jar. We eat real butter and drink whole milk but we don’t have soda or other sugary drinks in the house.

    Slowly back away from the bacon flavor and start your day tomorrow with some natural bacon and organic eggs. I’m much more afraid of carcinogenic threats from fake stuff than I’m afraid of real fat. Moderation and avoiding fake stuff is the key to health.

    See LarryG, I’m passionate about things over than PLAs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. HHMOM – I LOVE Bacon.. both the meat and blog… but I once knew a lady at NIH and she told me that bacon fried to a crisp is loaded with carcinogens.

    the oatmeal cookies sound scrumptious… but the last time I visited Whole Foods, I thought I was going to have a stroke over the prices!

    Wine. I hope wine is still good for you… I dearly love reading with a glass….in hand..

  4. HardHatMommy Avatar

    Ask your friend at NIH if frying nitrate-laden bacon is equivalent to frying naturally-cured bacon. I know you aren’t supposed to burn much of anything to a crisp (particularly on a grill) but I’m thinking that the nitrates are the real problem with bacon and that you can enjoy some of the real stuff … in moderation. Oh and if my husband only knew how much of our limited resources I blow on organic food and particularly farmer’s markets, he would be shocked.

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