Escape from Orlando

Wow, it’s been a crazy week. Let me tell you, Disney World is not for old people — well, it’s not for old people acclimated to an auto-centric society where little walking is required. In Disney World, you do a lot of walking. You also find yourself hurtling along in roller coasters and other devices at high speeds, often experiencing multiple G forces.

I prefer more contemplative get-aways that give me a chance to read and relax. My wife likes cramming in as many experiences as she possibly can. At Disney World, it wasn’t a contest. My wife won. The Bacon family ran itself ragged 12 hours a day, then collapsed in the hotel room long enough to re-charge batteries and hit the rides again. Fun — but exhausting.

We’re back in Richmond now, and I’ve plowed through the 1,400 emails in my in-box. (More than half of it was spam; most of the rest was commentary by you, dear readers). Now I’m ready to belly up to the PC and get back to the business of writing about the real world, which is a lot more interesting than the ersatz, Disneyfied world.

Just a few comments before I plunge ahead.

First, for the record, I found Epcot and Animal Kingdom to be the most enjoyable parts of Disney World. In particular, I was intrigued by the Epcot greenhouse, where a slow boat ride takes you on a tour past a remarkable array of fruit trees and vegetables grown under hydroponic conditions. I know, I’m such a dweeb. To my fellow dweebs, I highly recommend it. Alas, I missed the “Behind the Seeds” tour for a more in-depth look. But I suspect that greenhouses and hydroponics will play a role in the sustainable, energy-efficient agriculture of the future.

Second, I want to thank Ed Risse for keeping the blog alive in my absence. Good job, Ed, you certainly managed to keep the pot boiling!

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