Edds: Saving Republicans from Themselves?

Margaret Edds’ Virginian-Pilot column went online too late for today’s Virginia Pundit Watch. Ms. Edds offered her take on the General Assembly veto session dust-up over Sen. Russ Potts. That dust-up led to Phil’s RINOS on Parade, producing one of the most interesting and voluminous comment threads ever seen here on Bacon’s Rebellion. It included contributions from one of the legislators at the center of the action, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, R-Fairfax.

Edds makes no bones about where she stands:

Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine, aligning with moderate Republican senators, saved the Virginia GOP from embarrassment at the hands of its anti-government ideological wing.

Potts’ reprieve may have disappointed party activists understandably miffed at the Winchester renegade’s run for governor as an independent Republican. But the alternative, in my view, meant elevating Potts to martyrdom while trumpeting a philosophical split.

She goes on to quote several Potts pot shots, including his calling the car tax relief plan (that he voted for!) a “cockamamie idea.” She also weighs in on the possible Potts effect:

My guess is that Potts’ straight talk will wind up costing both Kaine and Kilgore votes, probably somewhat equally. Every time irate Republicans burnish his maverick image, they add to the tally by illuminating his platform and his campaign.

If Potts had more of a platform and a more visible campaign, I might agree with her. The Potts campaign I see is only about his “maverick” press clippings.

Update: No one person can keep up with the Potts juggernaut. Norm over at One Man’s Trash links and comments on a Chris Graham mini-interview in the AFP with Virgnia’s most dangerous candidate.

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