The Early Blog Response

The blogosphere’s response to the election has been subdued so far. Only the briefest of comments as of 9:30 a.m. (I suspect many bloggers stayed up too late last night watching the election returns!)

Kenton Ngo at 750 Volts: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing…”

J.R. Hoeft at Bearingdrift: “I have to admit, Gov. Warner is pretty popular here and I think that helped Kaine with his association.”

Steven Sisson at Blue Dog: “Congrats to Tim ‘the choir boy’ Kaine.”

Poli Amateur at Commonwealth Watch: “I wish like heck we would have won with Jerry Kilgore, but it is what it is, and Governor-elect Kaine deserves our congratulations at this point.”

Shipwrecked at Cries in the Night: “Why I didn’t vote for Kilgore. … Kilgore would do nothing to advance the cause of life. … Kilgore took the exact position that tax-hiking Mark Warner did in 2001: local referendums. … Kilgore kept proposing more and more government spending and programs. … Because of his electoral ineptitude Kilgore held back down ticket candidates, and I hold him responsible for contributing to Dick Black’s loss and Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell’s tougher than necessary races.”

Alice Marshall at FCDC: “Thank you Tim Kaine for carrying our party standard to victory. Now comes the hard part, governing. But you have experience with that.”

Norm Leahy at One Man’s Trash: “I didn’t vote for Tim Kaine, but I congratulate him nonethless for winning the governor’s race. I wish him luck…I really do… And as for Mr. Kilgore… he ran hard, he ran well. But he was not the choice of the majority of Virginia voters tonight…. Now about 2009…”

Lowell Feld at Raising Kaine: “This was a clear and strong affirmation of Mark Warner’s loyal lieutenant, Tim Kaine, a clear and strong reward for Kaine’s positive campaign, and a clear and strong mandate to continue the Mark Warner policies the next 4 years.”

“This was NOT a great Election Day for Virginia Democrats overall, even if many spend today patting themselves on each others’ backs. Sure, it was a great day for Mark Warner. Absolutely, it was a great day for Tim Kaine! But a great day for the Democrats overall? Sorry, but I don’t think so. A tremendous repudiation of Bush and his entire agenda? Ditto — I don’t see it.”

MR JMS at Too Conservative: “Today was very disappointing for everyone. We need to dust ourselves off and re-evaluate how we are operating as a party– especially in Northern Virginia. … For now though we should have one single focus in the GOP… Ensuring Bob McDonell is our next Attorney General. I encourage everyone to volunteer with the recount that is almost certain to come tomorrow.”

Waldo Jaquith at Waldo Jaquith: “The tides have shifted. Republicans are losing their grip on power in Virginia, in no small part thanks to President Bush’s weakening grip on power in the United States. … Let’s get to work on 2006. We’ve got a House of Representatives to take back.”

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