Dueling Headlines

Headline in today’s New York Times: “In Virginia Suburbs, Republicans Sound a Lot Like Democrats.”

Headline in today’s Washington Post: “Days Before the Election, Virginia Republicans Take Hard Right Turn.


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4 responses to “Dueling Headlines

  1. The stories are not necessarily contradictory. The Washington Post story also talks about how many Republican candidates sounded like Democrats for much of the campaign. In the final days, both parties are turning nasty, trying to gin up their bases. I assume that the Times story was written before the current crop of ads began.

  2. The GOP does BOTH. In the suburbs they PRETEND to be moderates but out in the hinterlands – it’s anti-socialism all the way!

    and it’s tried and true in RoVA but it’s the suburbs where the balance of the GA will be determined!

    Just FYI – Spotsylvania is considered an exurb with many NoVa commuters but it has voted reliably RED for some time and that does not look to change this year either.

  3. To let you in on a little trade secret, Dick, the purpose of advertising this nasty is to discourage and weaken your opponent’s turnout, not to fire up your own base. Those are often wedge messages trying to divide the other side’s voters. The point is turnout suppression.

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