“Ducking” Which Debates?

The Kaine campaign, as with most campaigns that are behind, is fixated on debates. Because Jerry Kilgore hasn’t agreed to any specific debates, they are trying to get mileage out of the theme that he is “ducking” debates.

Lots of organizations probably would like to host a debate among the candidates and naturally one would think that candidates would be selective about which debate venue proposals they will accept. I haven’t seen a list of all the debate proposals that might be floating around, but it occurred to me that the UVA Center for Poltics might be a strong contender, either as a host and or with their leader, Professor Larry Sabato, as moderator for someone else’s debate.

I asked Matt Smyth, Director of Communications for the Center, if they had submitted a proposal. His answer: “With regard to the VA GOV debates, we’re actually working on that right now. We’re in the early stages of developing plans, and certainly hope to play a role in the debates that take place, but as of yet we haven’t determined or specifically proposed what role that might be.” What this tells me is that if the Center for Politics doesn’t have a proposal ready, it’s awfully early to be worried about debates. We don’t know how many proposals are out there for the campaigns to consider right now or how many more will be submitted. Maybe Jerry Kilgore is “ducking” some proposals that are on the table now, but he also might be waiting to pick the best from the widest array of alternatives.

I will make one prediction: no matter how many debates, no one will compare them with Lincoln-Douglas. The pundits are already bored with these candidates.

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  1. The pundits may or may not be bored with the candidates. It’s the voters who want to hear the candidates debate. It matters little to me about accents, I have one, got it from my parents. Just let Kaine and Kilgore get together and talk about the issues one on one. It is not complicated. Just let them talk about the future of Virginia face to face with some degree of civility. I’ll settle for them to attend a Lions Club or Ruritan Club together. A statewide tour of these organizations. Now that is an easy way to do it.

  2. vasportsmen Avatar

    Kilgore has not even won the primary yet. Okay he should in a walk but wouldn’t it look somewhat presumptuous for him to debate Kaine now before he is the actual nominee? Kaine’s whining about debates is a sign he is not catching fire with the public or worse – a sign that Kilgore’s setting the record straight on Kaine’s past liberal positions on issues is taking hold. Either way – it is way to early for debates. Just wait Timmy, you will get your chance at the Bar Association meeting in July which is traditionally the first debate of the campaign season.

  3. Jerrie has to go out of state to face Kaine. Can’t make that road trip.

    How about a debate with Fitch and your man. That would not be presumptuous. We could see what a walk looks like. This is America, give the underdog Fitch a shot. Put your man in the prelims with Rocky B.

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