Dogs and Bikes Welcome


I had a business meeting this morning at the Lamp Lighter in the fan. The coffee house is located on the gritty side of Cary Street but it draws a steady flow of customers — a disproportionate number of whom sport tattoos. What I loved most was this scene captured out front. Park your bikes, park your dogs — we take all comers.

I’ve never seen a scene like this outside a Starbucks. As an aside, if you like your chai tea latte prepared from genuine brewed chai tea, not a flavored powder, then check out the Lamp Lighter. It’s authentic.


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4 responses to “Dogs and Bikes Welcome”

  1. reed fawell III Avatar
    reed fawell III

    Sounds like my kind of place. I’ll check it out and the Fan too, next time I’m in the neighborhood. And bring my bike to tour and Buckley too, my Lab.

    And Yes, Peter, control yourself, the dog is named after Bill.

  2. Neil Haner Avatar
    Neil Haner

    Guessing you read the RTD’s recent profile of Richmond as “Hipster City.

    There’s a lot about Hipster life I roll my eyes at (as one tends to do at most any youth-oriented counter-culture movement of which they’re not a part). But this is one of those aspects I have definitely gotten on board with.

  3. larryg Avatar

    I’ve watched with some bemusement the evolution of motels and campgrounds with respect to pets.

    Used to be if you had a pet, it was like being black and trying to find accommodations in the South.

    No more. it’s getting easier and easier to find accommodations although I will say the last one we stopped at in NC – the owner “warned” us that poop and pee was not allowed on the grassy areas and if he caught said activity going on – we’d be invited to leave – but he still took our $36 dollars for what turned out to be a “punkie- infested” hell-hole. (those of you who have camped should know what punkies are; if not, ya’ll need to widen your experiences!).

    at any rate.. dogs are okay in Home Depot, motels that allow them and pet stores. … but not food establishments.

    I believe that’s Virginia Law … and I support it.. you do not want pet poop and pee near enough to the “veranda” to affect the aroma of your “tea”.

  4. reed fawell III Avatar
    reed fawell III

    Dogs welcome!

    And it’s gotta be good for business, bringing in all these dog owners, and non owners alike. And what a way to start of conversation with a stranger. Betcha Dogs are the biggest matchmakers around these days. I you doubt that go to a doggie park in the city then watch and listen to the humans.

    In these times of fewer children, more empty nests and singles, Dogs have carved out an even more special and essential places in many of our lives.

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