Does Virginia Beach School Board Care About Girls’ Sports?

by Kerry Dougherty

If you live in Virginia Beach, I have some questions for you:

Did you sit at home while the Bathrobe Brigade on the School Board fought to keep schools closed, long after we knew kids weren’t at risk from Covid-19?

Did you watch on public access TV as the hysterical hypochondriacs of the School Board battled to keep face diapers on kids long after we knew they were doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread?

Did you sit on your hands when you learned that graphic novels featuring oral gay sex were on the shelves of public schools and the woke majority on the School Board wanted to keep them there?

Well, it’s time to get out of your La-Z-Boy and join the weary parents and grandparents who have been fighting your battles for you.

Get to tonight’s school board meeting at 6 p.m. Join the 87 people who had signed up to speak as of late yesterday, according to board member Vicky Manning.

No doubt some of the speakers will support a poorly-worded resolution that essentially clings to Gov. Ralph Northam-era anti-parent policies and refutes Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s common-sense regulations protecting girls’ sports and the rights of parents to know if their child is changing his or her gender in school.

This resolution was brought to my attention by Students First VA, a non-partisan group of savvy citizens who set out to restore common sense to the Virginia Beach School Board. They were successful in last fall’s local elections and hope to defeat the remaining wokesters when their terms expire.

The resolution appears to support trans students’ participation in all sports. The wording references “gender identity and gender expression”

What the heck is gender expression?

It vaguely references that students have privacy rights that may exclude their parents.

In a phone interview yesterday, Manning said a group of students from First Colonial High School’s Legal Studies program has come to every meeting this year, speaking in favor of policies that oppose Youngkin’s and begging the board to instruct administrators not to tell parents when students are changing their gender in school.

Sure, they’re using their adolescent voices to push for far-left policies they support. Good for them.

But now it’s time for hordes of adults to come out in a show of strength to support female athletes who don’t want to compete against boys or have boys in their locker rooms. And it’s time to tell the board — in no uncertain terms — that parents cannot be the last to know that their kid is changing clothes and pronouns as soon as he enters the school building.

Seems as if the School Board has been seeing some of the same faces over and over again.

It would be nice if a wave of new folks came out tonight to show their support for a return to common sense in Virginia Beach Public Schools and to oppose this nutty resolution.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.