Does Blackburn Have a Message?

Joe Blackburn, who is waging a primary challenge to Sen. Walter Stosch, has launched his campaign web site. There’s not a lot to it yet and, as with so many state-level candidate sites, it lacks a blog.

In December, Jim and I wondered whether the Blackburn candidacy would offer anything new and different from the usual GOP pap. Given the content of his first “Point of View,” the answer is no. If anything, the rhetoric is straight out of the 80s.

Fortunately for him, Blackburn has a great opportunity right now to offer a critique of the transportation bill, Stosch’s role in its creation and what he would do differently. Now that would make for some genuine campaign fodder.

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2 responses to “Does Blackburn Have a Message?”

  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Megadittos, Norm. It’s one thing to say you’re against taxes. It’s quite another to tell us *how* you’re going to hold the line. In his first missive, Blackburn proposes no alternative solutions to transportation congestion. I had hoped for better. Well, as his website says, there are still 103 days until the Republican primary election. Maybe he’ll have something to say by then.

  2. Skillet Head Avatar
    Skillet Head

    I received an update from Walter Stosch’s campaign and something did not set will with me. If you read below you will see why.

    “That Friday found Walter bright and early at Eric Cantor’s annual breakfast with Congressman John Boehner as the guest speaker. Saturday it was the Henrico GOP breakfast with Delegate Jack Reid as speaker. And on the Seventh Day he rested.”

    How arrogant of Senator Walter Stosch to even in jest compare himself to God. To imply that his mediocre performance in the General Assembly even remotely rises to the level of the creation of Heaven and Earth just shows us how out of touch he really is.

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