Disclosure for Governors: Virginia Rates a “D”

Virginians supposedly believe in transparent government. We don’t pass restrictive laws on how much money people can donate to political campaigns, or how and when they lobby legislators. But we do require everyone in the political process to report what they’re spending, and what their financial interests are. As the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

However, the Center for Public Integrity is less than impressed with Virginia’s financial disclosure requirements for its governors, rating Virginia a “D”. We have plenty of company — 10 other states scored “D” and 21 scored “F” — but it’s saying something when you’re less transparent than New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. (See the state rankings here.)

For specifics on Virginia’s financial disclosure requirements for governors, click here.

(Hat tip: Jon Baliles.)

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Again I refer to this radio,interview, were they say
    bring all the money honey

    Huey Long never had it so good
    you know you want it
    Conflict of interest is calling

    What goes on in Virginia dont
    stay here

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