Details on the Base Closings

The Defense Department has released a state-by-state breakdown of the winners and losers from the recommendations of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission. To see the detailed impact on Virginia, click here. (Scroll to page 26 in the PDF file.)

Based on my hasty analysis of the list, it looks like Virginia will lose about 2,400 military and civilian jobs. The biggest hit–6,200 military jobs and 15,800 civilian jobs–will come from the closing or realignment of leased office space. I’m guessing that most of that space is in Northern Virginia. Also, Hampton Roads will lose nearly 3,600 from the closing of the Civil War-era Fort Monroe.

The big winners are Fort Belvoir (11,900 jobs) in Alexandria, Fort Lee (7,300 jobs) near Petersburg, and the U.S. Marine Corps base (3,000 jobs) in Quantico.

The usual suspects will come out whining and crying about the loss of jobs in their communities. Maybe I would, too, if I were in their shoes. But if there’s one place in the country that can shake off the loss of a few thousand jobs, it’s Northern Virginia. For Hampton Roads, the closing of Fort Monroe as a military installation will be offset by gains at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the Little Creek Amphibious Base. As a bonus, the Fort Monroe property, which is located on a primo waterfront site, can be redeveloped as a high-end commercial complex.

Oh, and let us not forget that base realignment is in the national interest. The closing of obsolete bases is necessary to support the transformation of the military so it can fight the kind of missions that will be demanded of it in the 21st century. Let’s get on with it.

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(comments below)


(comments below)


  1. Yeah…when you think about it, the very idea of a “Fort” in a non-strategic location seems a bit outdated.

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Since Fort Monroe has been built, the Brits have not sailed up The Bay and burned Washington a single time. Deterrence at work. My retirement station (last job) in the Army. Sorry to see it go, and hope it goes better not down.

  3. Old Denmark Avatar
    Old Denmark

    Take a long look at the US base closing list announced today. Take another look and count up the finance centers. Ask yourself if the paper files will be destroyed as well. The overflowing River Styx and the dam is closed. The hidden criminalization and blackmail crisis obviously is pointing to the New Underworld Order.

    Discussing the obsolete base situation in Virginia is important, but please ask yourself why all the “Defense Finance Centers” are being closed? How do you follow the money trail?

    Can the old communist guard, the Russian elitist, control the BRAC?

    Closing US bases are on a separate list from our overseas bases. Closing our bases at home is a little like cloud seeding and there’s a constant debate as to whether cloud seeding induces rain and snow, suppresses hail or clears up patches of fog. As a military consultant to Homeland Security a former director of the Russian KGB Yevgeni Primakov may have his fingers in more than dry ice and silver iodide when it comes down to our base closings.

    The pressure from him on closing our base facilities will be unlikely detected but could have a greater pressure from him to shut down our military facilities without so much as a thunderstorm.

    For this, and other highly advantageous reasons, the New Underground Order is calling a halt to US military bases proposed for the formal communist satellites in Eastern Europe, and has began to extend its economic power through so-called “neutralist” Western European countries through Free-Trade Agreements, the WTO and the World Bank.

    The Pacific Rim is the next order of business for the New Underworld Order.

    As a Christian, my friends sometimes ask me how on earth I can speak ill of Indonesia, now being eighty percent destroyed by the tragic tsunami. But eighty percent of the Indonesians are devout and fanatical Moslems, who hate Christian America with every fiber of their being. And those in Indonesia are being held in line in support of the New Underworld Order plan, and gradually brought under police state rule, despite their futile and sometimes suicidal religious opposition, just as surely as were the Christian people of Eastern Europe before them.

    How much longer before the Antichrist is awakened to rule the New Underworld Order and enslave us to his maniacal damnation?

    Pray for our deliverance from this evil.


  4. Old Denmark Avatar
    Old Denmark

    Last week, the wire service reported: “Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Marshals Service agents arrested Sergio Khorosh on May 9 after seizing more than 1,300 counterfeit federal law enforcement badges in New York. Khorosh, a native of Russia, was charged with knowingly transferring counterfeit police badges in interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly possessing and offering for sale counterfeit police badges, and possessing illegal weapons.”

    A friend of Mr. Primacov, the ex-KBG boss we suspect? Wake up American, and wake up Christians soldiers because the Octopus’s tentacles are strangling Democracy!

    In other New Underworld Order news, the reactions of the audience at St. Peters in the Vatican was measured by the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI to express his teachings in order to redress imbalances of the RCC. It is predictable. He included despair, confusion, desire for stimulus, fear that something might be taken away, rejection, and a desire to accept in order to profit by the ‘new phase’.

    On May 23, 1920 Pope Benedict XV called attention to the need for, a “sort of family of people, calculated both to maintain their own independence and safeguard order of human society.”

    Later that same year Benedict XV gave explicit warning (July 25, 1920) against “the advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidentially expected by them.”

    Pope Pius XII was advocating a global super-body directed by a handful of men for an unscrupulous dictatorship although the RCC was staged as a bulwark against the monstrosity of World Government which is the secret Masonic plan, they will actually ordain it.

    I question again.

    How much longer before the Antichrist is awakened to rule the New Underworld Order and enslave us to his maniacal damnation?

    Will you be ready in the last days?


  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Some of the closings in the Crystal City area are due to the new security protocol, requiring that important offices with more than 25 employees have buffer space to roads (148 feet) for example.

    These offices are not “closing”, they are “moving” to places with enough space to meet the requirements.

    For example, Manassas is getting an FBI facility. We have lots of space, so we could take a few of the other facilities as well.

  6. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    Anonymous: EMR would tell you those ideas are heresy, even though commercial space is available in Manassas “at fire sale prices”.

    To my way of thinking, if the FBI or any other agency can get less expensive facilities, and save us tax money and commuting distance doing so, then more power to them.

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