Desperate Dems Demand Medical Records

by Kerry Dougherty

Oh look. Desperate Virginia Democrats — along with their pals in the media — are trying to weaponize COVID-19 vaccines against what appears to be a resurgent Republican Party in the commonwealth.

It isn’t enough that gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has said REPEATEDLY that he’s vaccinated, that he believes Virginians should be vaccinated and has even recorded a public service announcement urging his fellow Virginians to take the vaccine so the commonwealth can be open and prosper.

Nope. That isn’t good enough for the lockdown-loving authoritarians on the far left.

Terry McAuliffe maliciously refers to Youngkin as an “anti-vaxxer” because the GOP candidate doesn’t believe the government should be forcing people to be vaccinated.

McAuliffe knows he’s lying about Youngkin. He doesn’t care. Frustrated that his campaign has no life, and indignant to find himself in a statistical dead heat with Youngkin, McAuliffe is trying to scare people into voting for him.


The Democrat who believes parents should have no input into what is being taught in the schools also seems to believe that the government should hold people down and jam shots in their arms against their will and regardless of their health, their doctors’ advice or their religious beliefs.

That’s deeply disturbing.

Now the Dems have turned their attention to Winsome Sears, an African- American Republican and former Marine running for lieutenant governor. There’s nothing the far-left dislikes more than an African-American who dares to belong to a different political party.

The Democrat rules book says all blacks and all women must vote Dem. To do otherwise is to be a kook.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch just ran a front page story with this headline: “Ayala Slams Sears For Not Saying Whether Or Not She’s Vaccinated.”

Geez. I’m old enough to remember when one’s medical information was considered private.

Here’s what Sears had to say about that:

News flash: I have never stated publicly if I’m vaccinated. And I won’t. It’s no one’s damn business but mine.

Yes, I know, in a burst of some kind of weird look-at-me fever, it seemed everyone on social media posted photos of themselves getting the shot or smooching their vaccine cards. I didn’t participate in the ridiculousness.

I’m not sure why folks believe it’s important to tell the world that they’ve been vaccinated. I’ve never known anyone to do the same with flu shots or colonoscopies.

If Democrats have their way, vaccine passports are coming. Some may want to live in a show-me-your-papers America.

I’m not one of them.

Apparently Sears feels the same way. Bravo. Good for her.

I won’t tell you if I’m vaxxed, but I will tell you who I’m voting for: Winsome Sears.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.