Democratic barbarians at the valley gate?

Democrat Bruce Elder will be announcing his candidacy for the 20th District House of Delegates, Saturday 28 May 2005, at the bandstand in Gypsy Hill Park at 1100 a.m. sharp.

Good luck Bruce! But…

It’s only a matter of time before Citizen Bruce discovers his Democratic friends have been watching the red state arising — and are probably in an ‘Evangelical John’ boat seeking refuge with trustworthy Captain Chris Saxman.

Read more about in the AFP Thursday edition, Blue Dog Tales.

~ the blue dog

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  1. Isn’t Virginia, for all intensive purposes, trending towards becoming a swing state (population growth in NOVA outpacing the rest of the state)?

  2. Steven Avatar

    Hmm… good question. But with the overwhelming 2004 presidential election win by Bush, it’s hard to argue the state of Virginia is drifting towards becoming a swing state. And the last Democratic president to win the state was LBJ 40-years ago.

    Most of the hard-core social and fiscal conservatives of the general assembly reside in the Northern Virginia area, such as Bob Marshall, Dick Black and Ken Cuccinelli — and they keep winning by solid poll margins.

    If the Democrats gains general assembly seats along with the Governor’s mansion this year, the 2005 statewide election could be a high water mark for the party, but I don’t look for that to happen.

    Kilgore is running stronger in the state with each passing day.

    ~ the blue dog

  3. Laszlo Avatar

    Kilgore is running stronger with each passing day? Can’t tell it around where I go. Tell me more. Maybe it’s just me.

  4. Yeah Steve…nobody even knows who Kilgore is…and the latest (meaningless) polls show Kaine within the margin of error and catching up…that’s some real momentum for Kilgore!

    It’s funny that you mention Bob Marshall, Dick Black, and Ken Cuccinelli, because their time is coming. Maybe not in 2007, but soon enough. The demographic trends are working against them. Plus, these guys are sitting on the fringe of NOVA. I will miss them though – they’re always good for a laugh.

    I believe Kerry lost some ground from Gore in Virginia in 2004…but hey, it’s John Kerry.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Kerry actually gained on Gore.

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