Dean Wormer Lives

by James C. Sherlock

On Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Brabrand auditioned successfully for the role of Dean Wormer in an unannounced remake of Animal House.

He has ordered the out-of-school suspension of any student intentionally removing or refusing to wear a face covering indoors on school property or transportation.

As you undoubtedly know, but as Dean Braband has reminded his principals, such behavior is a violation of the famous FCPS Regulation 2613 (Student Dress Code).

He got even more specific. In case they fell asleep they could read his PowerPoint when they awoke:

  • SRR violation of BSO7 (Dress Code)
  • NEW! BSO3 (Refusal to comply with staff requests … ) may be used as a secondary infraction code to document refusal despite redirection from staff.
  • Response – 1 day out of school suspension for an infractions using the new SUS-M suspension code (Braband’s underline.)

I hesitate to guess what BS means. But thanks for the NEW! alert, Dean. And the brand new suspension code. The crack staff at FCPS must have stayed late on Thursday.

I note elsewhere in FCPS rules that:

FCPS officials work to help each student understand school rules and how their misconduct may affect others. In most situations, teachers and administrators first use responses that take place at school before considering out-of-school suspension.

Alternatives clearly have already been considered and rejected by Dean Braband. None of FCPS’ own “restorative justice” here.

The suspensions undoubtedly will go on each student’s permanent record. Parents can be happy that FCPS has not made provisions for solitary confinement.

I have categorized this column under Crime, Corrections and Law Enforcement.

The Dean should be pleased.