“In his new book, ‘Winning Back America,’ Dean talks about his wealthy prep school and how he used to get drunk. Let me get this straight — he had rich parents, drank a lot, went to prep school and avoided Vietnam. He’s the alternative to George Bush? I think he is George Bush.” —Jay Leno


Ex-Governor Howard Dean finally has a Democratic ‘Golden Ring’ for his Green Mountain State show and tell class.

His “I Have A Scream” speech is old hat.

Only two days ago, John Kerry sent 1-million to the DNC requesting support for Howie the Scream as chair! John Kerry’s new best friend, Howard Dean, is the same candidate the DNC undercut in the Iowa caucuses. Kerry desperately wants to be the Democratic candidate in 2008 and no doubt is using Terezza’s checkbook to assist.

Now, Dean is the new DNC chair — Amazing! Fuzzy Math! Gutless! Weird science!

The DNC is a House of Cards and the Joker is Wild. It’s obvious that bricks and mortar don’t go with Sticks and Stones cause they break bones and names will never “hurt them” unless you’re dishonorably discharged from the Democratic Party and then called the “T” word.

The payoff to Dean is also a timely tradeoff, but it’s a real throw back to the 60’s and 70’s …

With grass-roots activists to grass smoking burn-outs from the sixties, the Citizen’s of Emerald City (the Democratic left wing) and the Dean of Oz will satisfy all the environmental Green mountaineers and disarm all the Red staters with their “Save the GREEN Planet” and “Just say NO to Homophobia” from the Republican-Evangelical Tsunamis that is sweeping over the countryside.

Can Howard Dean save the Democrats? Dean’s followers love saving beached whales?

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home …

But middle America and Kansas — It’s not.

And is that you? … Auntie Mame, Auntie Mame … Is that really you Auntie Mame?

The Blue Dog also reads where One Virginia PAC director Mame Reiley [also Chair of the DNC Women’s Caucus & head DNC member from the Virginia delegation] has thrown her support to Howard Dean for DNC chair as well.

So I’m guessing Auntie Mame, who is Mark Warner’s chief fund raiser, is now the new DNC chairman Howard Deans’ assistant and his prized sugar momma.

Hey Mark! You wanted a middle of the yellow brick road, fiscally conservative Democrat in charge of the DNC to help bankroll your run for the presidential roses?

That idea is sinking faster than a gold brick in the mainstream of America.

But have no fear, Gov. Mollycoddle …

Because wrote ‘Warner Lieutenant endorses Dean for DNC Chair,’ and the post states: “Warner obviously boosts his 2008 chances by having a surrogate back the right choice for DNC chair. Most Virginians aren’t going to care that Warner’s key advisor is backing a liberal nutcase.”

“Now if we could get Tim Kaine to endorse Howard Dean…”

Fat chance choirboy Timmy is going to rumble with those left-wing Deaniacs.

Word of advice: Don’t hold your breath for Howard Dean staying in the DNC for very long either. Dean had contemplated running for the Senate seat held by Jeffords in 2006. But Dean still wants to run for President and Kerry is no threat to Dean if he controls the funding for his friends in the Blue States and the liberal minorities in the Red States.

Today, CNN reported on Howard Dean at the DNC convention said: “I’m trying to be restrained in my new role,” Dean said with a mischievous grin. “I may be looking for a three-piece suit … He paused and then burst out laughing.

“Fat chance!” said Dean.

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  1. I think it’s quite possible that the ascension of Howard Dean to the chair of the DNC might CALM THE LEFT WING DOWN. Right now they’re fuming about all sorts of conspiracy theories (including: the DLC is selling us out/controlled by corporations, Ohio was stolen, corporations control everything, corporations, [insert random quasi-socialist statement]).

    So toss them Dean and calm them down. Maybe the foam will stop coming out of their mouths.

    Meanwhile, Dean raises tons of grassroots cash, brings some needed reorganization to the party, and (one downside) hurts a few candidates in red states.

  2. I don’t exaggerate – one only need check out the liberal blog, “dailykos” to see what I’m talking about. Conspiratorial hysteria occasionally interupted by Democratic partisan hackery.

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