Dazed and Confused: The CDC

by Kerry Dougherty


Of course you are. Anyone watching the hair-on-fire ninnies at the CDC is dizzy by now.

They lack common sense, their pronouncements are irrational, their messaging is bizarre. Oh, and they clearly have no idea what they’re doing.

One day these “experts” are experiencing scary “feelings of impending doom.” Next they announce that the vaccinated can ditch the masks. Now they say the vaccines work but the vaccinated should wear masks to protect others, presumably the unvaccinated.


Oh, and without citing any data, on Tuesday the CDC declared that all children in grades K-12 — who are at almost no risk of serious illness — should wear masks all day in school this fall.

Score one for the teachers’ unions.

I pity America’s kids. There is simply no off-ramp for them.

If the vaccines work — and there’s every indication they at least protect against serious illness — there is no reason vaccinated Americans should wear masks. Minor illnesses are a fact of life.

Vaxxed Americans have no duty to protect the unvaccinated. They made their choice. Unfortunately, the immuno-compromised will have to continue to exercise caution. I wish that wasn’t so.

Look, if the CDC was truly an agency concerned about public health, it would have called for the Southern border to be closed.

And it would have declared war on obesity more than a year ago when the data clearly showed that 78% of those hospitalized with COVID were fat.

Yes, I used the “f” word.

I’m not body shaming, I don’t want to be mean. I’m stating a fact. Despite campaigns telling us that obese is beautiful, it isn’t. Being overweight is unhealthy. When it comes to COVID, it can be deadly.

Why didn’t the CDC launch a campaign to get Americans moving and eating right more than a year ago? How many lives might have been saved if we embarked on a national weight loss campaign instead of lockdowns and mandates?

The Biden administration announced a goal of 70% of Americans vaccinated by the 4th of July. Clearly, the president and his staff are angry that the goal wasn’t met. As a result, the new guidance from the CDC seems punitive rather than helpful.

Take Kamala Harris, for instance, at an event yesterday, the vice president ordered reporters to wear masks. She made it clear this was punishment, not a precaution.

Sorry, but that’s a hell of a way to convince people to take the vaccines.

The CDC says vaccinated folks should wear masks in areas of heavy transmission. Look for blue state governors with their tyrannical impulses to quickly fall into line even if their states are not seeing outbreaks.

Take Virginia, for instance. We have no COVID hot spots according to Tuesday’s map in The New York Times. That may be because 81.5% of all Virginians over the age of 65 have been vaccinated and 62.7% of all Virginians over 18 have, too.

Remarkable. We should be celebrating! Our kids should be heading to school without masks.

Yes, positives tests are ticking up in the Old Dominion, but hospitalizations are low and so are deaths. Last summer we experienced a spike in cases in July that began to abate by mid-August. On July 27, 2020, there were 821 patients in Virginia hospitals confirmed to be infected with COVID.

Yesterday there were 356.

Oh, and by the way, Virginia hospitals were not full last year at this time. In fact, healthcare workers were furloughed as elective surgeries and cancer screenings were cancelled.

There is absolutely no reason to panic or to order vaccinated Virginians into masks now.

No sooner had the CDC issued its latest proclamation than Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said, “The time for government mask mandates is over. Now is the time for personal responsibility.”

Amen, Governor.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited

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12 responses to “Dazed and Confused: The CDC”

  1. Deborah Hommer Avatar
    Deborah Hommer

    A voice of sanity! Here’s more information:

    First it’s simply insane corona is even an issue: I have a pdf with links to the websites.
    Ages 0-19: 99.997%
    Ages 20-49: 99.98%
    Ages 50-69: 99.5%
    Ages 70+: 94.6%

    This means you’re more likely to die from high blood pressure, high cholesterol or cardiovascular problems, which begs the question: Why not mandate healthy food, exercise, sun if you really cared about health?
    Time to END masks, lockdowns and the promotion of this jab

    Rapid Test Recalled

    We cannot trust the rapid test anymore according to the FDA: “The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death. … “The performance characteristics of the test have not been adequately established, presenting a risk of false results.”

    Infections in Fully Vaccinated

    “CDC Identifies only 10,000 COVID-19 Infections in Fully Vaccinated, but Likely an UnderCount.”

    “mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing CVD Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries.” ”Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread on Friday which lays out a disturbing trend; the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not.”

    Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

    CDC website: “In conclusion, we describe a VOC Gamma COVID-19 outbreak with a strikingly high attack rate among persons fully vaccinated with BNT162b2 vaccine.”

    “NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus.”

    “Las Vegas Covid-19 Outbreak Included Vaccinated Hospital Workers, Mostly With Delta Variant.”

    Experimental Vaccine Deaths and Serious Injuries

    These are experimental vaccines (those that are getting the vaccine now are part of the experiment). Covid-19 “Experimental” Vaccines Facts

    “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 491,218 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 11,405 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.”

    Here’s a 15-minute video that illustrates some of the issues with this vaccine.

    Here are the sources for the video.

    “AFLDS Files Lawsuit Seeking Immediate Injunctive Relief Revoking the Emergency Use of Covid-19 Vaccines Base on Disturbing New Mortality Data.” “As of July 9th, reported deaths in VAERS totaled 10,991. Of those 4,593 were within 72 hours of vaccination. The CMS whistleblower has made a sworn statement that the actual number of deaths are conservatively five-times higher, meaning as of this date we are approaching at least 55,000 vaccine related deaths.”

    Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal.”

    Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier [prominant virologist] – Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to ‘Neurodegenerative Illness’ (Video)

    Indicators of Fraud

    “Covid-19 Vaccines: Dr. Fauci’s Team May Personally Profit.

    “CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, “Violated Multiple Federal Laws” Peer-Reviewed Study Finds…State, Local Governments Must Act.”

    “Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The number of deaths that mention one or more of the conditions indicated is shown for all deaths involving COVID-19 and by age groups. For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    This means EUA – Not Approved by FDA

    Covid-19 vaccines are not approved by the FDA. The Covid-19 vaccines are only approved under an Emergency Use Authorization, for investigational use only. Covid-19 vaccines lack requisite studies and are not approved medical treatment. The FDA’s guidance on emergency use authorization of medical products requires the FDA to “ensure that recipients are informed to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances … That they have the option to accept or refuse the EUA product …”

    Title 21, Section 360bbb-3 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the “FD&C Act”) vests the Secretary of Health and Human Services with the permissive authority to grant Emergency Use Authorizations (“EUAs”) providing that appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed: that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product; of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks. 1

    The right to avoid the imposition of human experimentation is fundamental, rooted in the Nuremberg Code of 1947, has been ratified by the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, and further codified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations. In addition to the United States regarding itself as bound by these provisions, these principles were adopted by the FDA in its regulations requiring the informed consent of human subjects for medical research. It is unlawful to conduct medical research, even in the case of an emergency, unless steps are taken to secure informed consent of all participants.

    The following Emergency Use Authorizations have been issued for Covid-19 vaccinations:

    12/11/20 Moderna – FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccine for recipients 16 years of age or older.

    12/18/20 Pfizer/BioNTech – FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine for recipients 18 years of age or older.

    2/27/21 Johnson & Johnson – FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine (aka Janssen vaccine) for recipients 18 years of age or older.

    Each of the above EUAs was issued in conjunction with a similar Fact Sheet from the FDA. For example, the Janssen fact sheet contains the following notice:


    As the vaccination provider, you must communicate to the recipient or their caregiver, information consistent with the “Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers” (and provide a copy or direct the individual to the website to obtain the Fact Sheet) prior to the individual receiving the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, including:

    FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, which is not an FDA approved vaccine.

    The recipient or their caregiver has the option to accept or refuse the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine.

    The significant known and potential risks and benefits of the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, and the extent to which such risks and benefits are unknown.

    Clearly, any attempt to force anyone to take a Covid-19 vaccine is a violation of federal law and the conditions under which the Covid-19 vaccine has been authorized for use. The law is clear, experimental medical treatment cannot be mandated.

    Businesses are not shielded from liability with experimental agents.

    Under the 2005 PREP Act enacted by Congress, pharmaceutical companies that manufacture EUA vaccines are shielded from liability related to injuries and damages caused by their experimental agents. However, any employer, public school, or any other entity or person who mandates experimental vaccines on any human being is not protected from liability for any resulting harm. While vaccine manufacturers may be shielded from liability, your institution is not protected, and neither are you.

    1. William O'Keefe Avatar
      William O’Keefe

      There are 600,000 dead bodies who would disagree with you if they could.

      1. James C. Sherlock Avatar
        James C. Sherlock

        Are you a mortician? A psychic?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          Are you saying the 600,000 may have died from other causes and preferred to die anyhow?

          What’s a proper response to “deniers”?

  2. Like the Nuclear Cowboy once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. “

  3. tmtfairfax Avatar

    Now if the media were more than cesspool dwellers, we’d see investigation into whether there is pressure from the White House on the CDC.

    1. Stephen Haner Avatar
      Stephen Haner

      My bet is our Governor does not get with the program and does not try to reimpose emergency mandates. But I am not betting much.

  4. Stephen Haner Avatar
    Stephen Haner

    A few months ago this same bunch of CDC geniuses just killed the J&J vaccine outright, killed it dead, by over reacting to a handful of bad reactions. Then the media fearmongers extended the damage. This just further shakes confidence in the remaining vaccines. Listening today they have basically zero evidence that vaccinated individuals with no symptoms are spreading this. With symptoms, certainly, you should always assume whatever you have (even a routine cold) should not be shared and a mask will help with that.

    My main man Gottlieb on CNBC ripped this big time this morning, and CDC in general (he clashed with them as head of FDA.) He also pointed out once again that if you are unvaccinated, or don’t trust the vaccines, you’d better use a real mask — N95 or similar. Only they will protect you. If your goal is to prevent spreading it yourself, the pretend masks have some value.

    The lady posting first is a huge anti-vaccination advocate, and I’d say what I really think but she’d sue. Biden’s CDC just played into her hands! Gave her ammo!! Geniuses, just freaking geniuses….She is right about the case survival rates, though, which nobody claims have changed one iota with Delta.

    1. Deborah Hommer Avatar
      Deborah Hommer

      You have a 99.9x chance of survival. What in the world do you need a vaccine for? You’re more likely to die from high blood pressure, cholesterol or cardiovascular problems.

      This is an experimental jab. Anyone who takes the jab is part of the experiment. It is not FDA approved.

      Here’s some VAERS data for you: “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 491,218 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 11,405 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.”

      And According to a Harvard Study, less than 1% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are submitted to the National Vaccine Adverse Events Reports System (VAERS).

      By all means, if you want to be experimented on, go ahead.

      1. Stephen Haner Avatar
        Stephen Haner

        Should we meet, for that one moment I would be very happy if I as a vaccinated individual could give you this disease.

  5. William Cover Avatar
    William Cover

    Coronaviruses in general are more resistant to drying on surfaces. They will survive for 7 days in an air conditioned room at 72 degrees according to one study with on SARS I. Masks reduce spreading of droplets containing the virus, but once someone adjusts the masks in a grocery store, concentrated virus particles are released into the environment. If we mandate masks, we need to train people on how to wear a mask or it is a waste of time. The epidemic was not managed correctly by our health authorities from the beginning and we have very high death count to prove it. Locking down a city but allowing the subways to function and certain groups to be exempt did not work. Even applying antiseptics to one’s hands is less effective than soap and water. Alcohols change the skin’s surface properties making them more sensitive to different types of infections. Yes, disinfect your hands, but beware of your next contact with the virus.

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