Damn the Congress, Full Speed Ahead

In a follow-up to a story about Rep. Tom Davis’ involvement in a controversial development around the Vienna Metro Station, the project developer is undeterred by Davis’ efforts to scuttle it.

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  1. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde


    “Disgruntled Homeowners Decry Dense Housing”

    “Washington’s biggest suburb may already be built to its limits. But as a gathering of more than 500 frustrated homeowners last week made clear, development battles in Fairfax are far from over.”

    “As developers submit plans to ….redevelop at higher densities…. residents who were there first don’t like what they see — more traffic, more pollution, overcrowded Metro trains, more children stuffed into overcrowded schools.”

    “”That whole room was angry,” Linda Hansen of Vienna said of the two-hour forum at Oakton High School, which drew a bipartisan crowd of School Board members, state lawmakers and congressmen.”

    Only one Fairfax supervisor was present, the rest were at a meeting to kick off higher density in Tyson’s corner. Maybe Tom Davis is on to something.

    Athe same time Stewart Schwartz of the coalition for smarter growth is quoted: “What Fairfax is wrestling with now is 1 million people and more coming. Some people have the feeling, ‘Let’s just stop’ developing. But that’s simply not possible.”

    What Schwartz doesn’t seem to understand is that his statement also applies to every other jurisdiction in the area, including those where the coalition is opposing more growth.

    Everybody seems to have a plan that nobody seems to agree with. But this problem is so huge that pretty soon we’ll discover that life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans.

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