Crazy about Guns

by Dick Hall-Sizemore

It’s going to be a fun G.A. session. Here are some quotes from the rally yesterday at the Capitol in opposition to Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw’s bill to outlaw assault weapons:

Retired engineer from Fairfax County:  “And without semi-automatic rifles, there is no way, not a chance in the world, that the free citizens of Virginia can actually combat tyranny in this state.”  [Does he actually believe that a tyrant could/would be able to seize power in Virginia?]

Pastor and chairman of the Richmond City Republican Committee: Prayer—“Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank you for God, family, and guns.” [The Jesus Christ I was taught about told us to turn the other cheek, not to go get a gun.  By the way, if folks really believe in the separation of church and state, why is a pastor the chairman of a local political party? I would bet he is not a Baptist pastor.]

Former Republican Congressional primary candidate: “We are Americans and our Constitution clearly secures the right to keep and bear arms. That God-given right that is now under assault.” [God gave us the right to have guns? In the Constitution? I thought God handed down the Ten Commandments (which does not say anything about guns), not the Constitution.]

Enough said.