COVID: It’s Baaack! But Relatively Few Deaths So Far

Source: Virginia Department of Health

by James A. Bacon

Just a reminder, people: COVID-19 may have receded from the headlines, but it hasn’t gone away. After bottoming out in April at less than 1,000 daily confirmed cases, the seven-day moving average in Virginia has climbed back up to 3,200 or more. You can be double vaxxed — as much of the population has been — but you can still carry the virus in your schnoz and and you can still transmit it.

Hospitalizations are up, too. Fortunately, deaths remain subdued. But if you consider yourself at risk, it may be time to take precautions again.

Source: Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

The good news is that deaths from the virus remain muted, well below 20 per day. The risks are real, but they aren’t turn-society-upside-down real.

Source: Virginia Department of Health

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14 responses to “COVID: It’s Baaack! But Relatively Few Deaths So Far”

  1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. energyNOW_Fan Avatar

    Certainly from our grandchildren we are hearing local schools dealing with quite a few cases (more routine now). I wonder if the upturn will drop after school is out? We just picked up 8 free home tests (paid for by Medicare) from Walgreen. We test whenever we have a cold or something. We are now double boosted, so we should be temporarily resistant. We like the Binax tests the best.

  3. Stephen Haner Avatar
    Stephen Haner

    At this point, there are probably enough doses of the therapeutics for all those with symptomatic illness and other risk conditions. Not so in January….

  4. vicnicholls Avatar

    Knock on wood, the only people who are vaxxed in the family are the ones who got covid after they were vaxxed. They refuse to get any boosters. Well that and heart issues all of a sudden appeared in 1/2 of them.

  5. LarrytheG Avatar

    of course, we only have the word of the government that this is true, right?

  6. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    Covid was never worthy of the fear that was stoked. And it is now following the path of all prior viruses as it mutates – it increases transmissibility and decreases lethality.
    Meanwhile, we need to address a number of issues:
    Rule by executive order; medical freedom; violation of Nuremberg Code and official protocols that increased deaths.
    Nearly all deaths have one or both of these two factors – obesity and low vitamin D.
    Bankruptcies, delayed diagnoses, mental health and drug issues, lost jobs, serious government treading – trampling – of civil liberties. It’s criminal. More than enough evidence to suggest this wasn’t just a good faith bad decision…

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      You missed it on the risk factors. Age is #1, us geezers are who are dying. Risk factors make a big difference with heart and pulmonary disease close behind age with obesity and diabetes pushing hard for place or show. As you note, low vitamin D is right up there in the pack of risk factors, but it ain’t as simple as obesity and low vitamin D.

      For those of us with multiple risk factors the possibility of dying from Covid was and remains real. We can only hope that, as you note, Covid follows the path of most (but not all) bugs, becoming more transmissible and less lethal as they evolve. Likely, but no guarantees.

      The definition of “mild” Covid as any case that does not require hospitalization is not reassuring. A case that might be mildly discomforting to you might well be lethal to me.

      I have no love of our governmental responses to Covid. Mostly they have been slow, contradictory, and draconian. Operation Warp Speed was a notable exception. It got us vaccines in a hurry and is one of the few things I thank Trump for.

      Some pronouncements, Fauci on masking for example, have been admitted bald faced lies, others simply inept at best (CDC I’m looking at you). It does not make for confidence in public health pronouncements when we can stay ahead of the government(s) just by reading the paper and paying attention.

      The courts have repeatedly stopped Administration over reach, reminding Biden that executive actions must have a basis in legislative enactments in our form of government. That is healthy.

      Remember the old saw, roughly “Never ascribe to evil those things that are easily explained by stupidity”. It seems we as a nation are getting less bright as time passes. I know I am.

      Something gets everybody, be careful what gets you. Tks for the heads up JAB.

      1. walter smith Avatar
        walter smith

        Age, too, but the age risk was also related to obesity and Vitamin D – nothing we can do about age!
        The funding of the gain of function, the regulatory capture, the denial of early treatment, the deceptive CDC actions… My favorite is the approval of Comirnity at the same time as approving EUA BioNTech – what a bait and switch! Still, to date, every shot has been EUA, which conveniently shields the Pharmas from liability, and claims have to go to the vaccine recovery fund (or whatever it is called) and I hear it is very hard to get money out of that fund. I’m sure there is plenty of stupidity, but the suppression of the info so they won’t look bad rates as evil in my book.

        1. Lefty665 Avatar

          With over 40% of the country obese even without any correlation there are going to be a lot of obese fatalities.Around 90% of fatalities are 65 and over. That’s way higher than our proportion of the population. But for sure old and obese is a deadly combo, Covid bait.

          It is clear that Fauci funded gain of function research at Wuhan through a cut out, Ecohealth Alliance, then covered it up with the propaganda that it had to be naturally occurring from the Wuhan wet market. You could get deplatformed for suggesting a Lab source. He also disemboweled the regulatory process aka the Ferret Committee that restricted his unrestricted authority.

          The little SOB will have to be out of power before we get the whole story. The entire research community is terrified of him because he controls the money. It also galls me that we paid him $417k last year plus patent royalties, that’s more than the President makes.

          I’m not a big fan of either Rand Paul or Jim Jordan, but between them they’ve got Fauci dead to rights.

          1. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Actually, the money has corrupted everything. UVA refused to vary from CDC because of all the federal money. Hospitals the same. Private companies the same. And let’s not forget that NAIAD employees have received $350 million in patent royalties from Pharmas. Despicable.

  7. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    Deaths are lagging indicators. If hospitalizations are up, deaths will follow. You will note that cases reached their nadir about the same time as they removed the masking requirements for airports and airlines.

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      The good news is that as treatments get better the ratio of deaths to hospitalizations is declining.

      Case resurgence also coincided with the emergence of a new variant. That’s more likely to be causality. Decreased masking and relaxed socialization surely contributed.

      Curiously, airliner air turns out to be much closer to being outdoors than indoors. Who’da guessed that? It is not recirculated and is fairly high velocity. I envision it as a sparkly stream of covid particles and farts streaming out behind the plane.

      1. Eric the half a troll Avatar
        Eric the half a troll

        That is true in the air but not when you are sitting on the tarmac… then it is nothing but a petri dish. I will always wear a mask in the airport and plane going forward… Covid or no… it is just more hygienic…

  8. Matt Adams Avatar
    Matt Adams

    The notion that COVID was ever going away was false. After it was determined that permanent immunity could not be developed, it became an affliction similar to the flu. It will require a yearly injection to combat the new strain that is prevalent.

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