COVID: It’s Baaack! But Relatively Few Deaths So Far

Source: Virginia Department of Health

by James A. Bacon

Just a reminder, people: COVID-19 may have receded from the headlines, but it hasn’t gone away. After bottoming out in April at less than 1,000 daily confirmed cases, the seven-day moving average in Virginia has climbed back up to 3,200 or more. You can be double vaxxed — as much of the population has been — but you can still carry the virus in your schnoz and and you can still transmit it.

Hospitalizations are up, too. Fortunately, deaths remain subdued. But if you consider yourself at risk, it may be time to take precautions again.

Source: Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

The good news is that deaths from the virus remain muted, well below 20 per day. The risks are real, but they aren’t turn-society-upside-down real.

Source: Virginia Department of Health