COVID-19 Update: The Epidemic Intensifies

The Virginia Department of Health has published yesterday’s COVID-19 numbers, and they continue to show a rapidly spreading epidemic.

Total confirmed cases (the tip of the iceberg) have risen to 460, an increase of 69 from the previous day.

The number of hospitalizations has risen to 65, an increase of six from the day before.

The number of deaths has leaped to 13, up from nine.

The number of tests has surged to 6,189, up 819.


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13 responses to “COVID-19 Update: The Epidemic Intensifies”

  1. “The number of deaths has leaped to 13, up nine.”

    Don’t you mean “…up from 9”, or “…up 4”?

  2. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    “The number of deaths has leaped to 13, up nine.”

    Wait, did it not “leap” from 6 to 9 yesterday?

  3. Carol Bova contributes this graph from VDH and asks, “What can we learn from the ages VDH is posting?”

    1. “What can we learn from the ages VDH is posting?”

      That we should reopen the schools [he says, while playing with fire & juggling chainsaws at the same time]… 😉

      1. idiocracy Avatar

        Not much if that isn’t adjusted for population. There are far more boomers than there are gen-x’rs, for example.

    2. Seriously, though, In think one thing this may indicate is that not very many people between 0 and 19 years of age are being tested.

  4. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    Hard to know, given all confusion on all levels. However, assuming those who are tested must show heavy coronavirus symptoms, one interpretation might be:

    The testing now is far more widespread.

    The 20-29 cohort was not self isolating whether at work, play or college earlier so shows up with more cases despite youth’s better resistance.

    The age 50 to 69 is sweet spot, people who earlier out and about more at work, with lesser resistance.

    Virus mutating???

    Question – where are these people now by cohort. Home quarantined, Hospital, ICU?

  5. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    Don says elsewhere: “tests are being used not for epidemiological purposes (to track the spread of the disease) but as a screening device to determine if patients are appropriate candidates for ICUs and respirators.”

    If this be case, then these numbers are very big news indeed. And hard to believe.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      I was just quoting the NoVa primary care doc in the article. I assume he knows what he’s talking about but that’s just my assumption.

    2. I believe the article. My experience with my GP in NoVa is, forget about testing these days if all you need to know is whether you (or someone in your household) have the virus or not. They are saving scarce test kits for the hospitals for precisely what is said above. There have been so many worthless promises that tests are on the way imminently! Where are they, Governor? If you won’t tell us, who can? Where is Virginia’s Dr. Fauci when you need one, with the straight (if unpleasant) answers? This has been pushed down onto the states by incompetent feds, so where is the State of Virginia on all of this?

  6. Strikes me it would start to be nice to know where the cases are popping up town wise, not just by county. Fairfax new cases slowing today but too soon to say anything I am sure.

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