COVID-19 Update: Eighteen More Nursing Home Deaths

This morning the Virginia Department of Health published the following COVID-19 data based on information reported yesterday:

Statewide deaths: 25
Deaths in long-term care facilities: 18

Seventy-two percent of coronavirus deaths involved patients in long-term care facilities.

Repeat after me: The COVID-19 epidemic is a nursing home epidemic. The virus may propagate itself through the population at large, but the primary impact, as measured by deaths, is taking place in Virginia’s nursing homes. That’s where public health authorities need to concentrate their efforts.


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  1. When we do this again in the fall, and sadly we might, one hopes a different mitigation pattern will emerge, based on evidence of what really is risky and what is not, who is really in danger and who is not.

  2. And proudly, Virginia is among 4 states comingling its testing data

  3. Imagine we tested every Virginian today. What, exactly, would we do with those results?

      • Actually, my question is earnest! Outbreaks (nursing homes, Hasidic community in New Rochelle) reveal themselves. The asymptomatic positives are probably the most worth tracking, but that might mean testing everyone again next week, and the week after. If I never manifest symptoms yet test positive, how long should I isolate? If there are bunch of positives who never get sick then isn’t is risk-off? If I test for antigen, will I be perceived to be a hazard because there is a question about the sturdiness/longevity of immunity?

        How would the data inform policy?

        • I should have posted this earlier comment here:


          Your questions, of course, are all very good ones. Extremely good answers to those questions are found here:

    • Assuming the results were accurate … isolate the positives and give those with antibodies an immunity card?

  4. The only meaningful testing would be a forced random test…

    “Congratulations, your household has been selected for COV2 random testing. Your household has been scheduled for an active virus and an antibody test. Your household must report to the WalMart parking lot for testing on…. Failure to appear will result in a 21 day quarantine.”

  5. Not trying to be callous, but rather trying to place this in perspective. What was the death rate at nursing homes prior to Covid 19? I know in my part of the state (Wise County), folks have been dying at alarming rates in nursing homes for many years.

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