Correction for Mike Thompson’s Column

Bacon’s Rebellion

published an earlier edition of Mike Thompson’s column, “How to Fund Transportation Without Really Trying” based on a preliminary draft. The published version omitted several important changes made by the author. We have since replaced it with the proper version. We apologize both to Mike and to our readers for the error.

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One response to “Correction for Mike Thompson’s Column”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    With all due respect, it is just not a feasible argument (either version).

    If it is possible to save that much money by privitizing maintenance or privatizing all of VDOT, every dime saved should be plowed into the multi-billion backlog of maintenance projects that cannot now be addressed.

    The idea that billion dollar General Fund surpluses will continue year after year is a drug-induced hallucination.

    So is the proposal that Congress give up it’s earmarking ways — you could wait for that until doomsday. Virginia can’t tie its transportation future to that requirement — it will never happen.

    This is junior high political rhetoric, excuses for inaction, whiny attempts to avoid the medicine we all know we must swallow — taxes, tolls, or some other form of paying a fair price for what we expect — mobility.

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