Cold Fusion–Dry Water–Hot Ice

From the official transcript, Jerry Kilgore on new spending:

“My better pay for better teachers plan will bring performance pay in the public education system.” (pg.14)

“I am committed to giving parents tax credits—up to $500 per child—to empower them to purchase tutoring or other educational supplies.” (pg. 14)

(Note: 2001-2002 Virginia public school enrollment: 1,144,770 students @ $500.00 each = $572,385,000.00 = something over half a BILLION dollars @ no new taxes = Neat Trick!)

“I am going to reward our teachers with bonuses…’ (pg. 18)

“I have a transportation plan that will work, will bring more dollars into the transportation system by using general fund dollars—those dollars that come from you income and sales taxes.”(pg. 22)

“I will work with the Bar and the Supreme Court to increase funding, the hourly rate that we do pay those who represent indigent defendants—I think that is an important step forward for our future.” (pg.69)

From the official transcript, Jerry Kilgore on how he will pay for these spendings:

“We can move Virginia forward in the future without raising taxes.” (pg. 49)

“I believe we can lower our taxes and fulfill our promise to fully phase out the car tax…” (pg. 56)

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(comments below)


(comments below)


  1. HA HA HA. I was going to brush these aside as usual politician election year promises, then I read the last line:

    “I believe we can lower our taxes and fulfull our promise to fully phase out the car tax”

    Filthy stinkin’ LIAR.

  2. Ben Kyber Avatar
    Ben Kyber

    I love you Barnie Day. You are my favorite person ever.

  3. Not Guy Incognito Avatar
    Not Guy Incognito

    Hmmm, as usual, lots of promises, yet absolutely no plans to pay for them. To be fair, there’s plenty of that from Kaine’s camp, just not nearly as much.

  4. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Barnie, you need to read the whole transcript, then compare and contrast to achieve “fair and balanced.”

    Oops. Duh. Never mind.

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