For those looking for something to do on a hot Sunday, have a look at the business section of today’s New York Times. On the first business page there is a very “interesting” article concerning Richmond based Massey Energy and Don Blankenship . The story told is not a pretty one and led to the Upper Branch Mine disaster that killed 29 men in 2010.

— Les Schreiber

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  1. larryg Avatar

    Thanks! and to add to folks Sunday reading Pleasure at the same NYT:

    ” Naomi Oreskes, a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate”

    Dr. Oreskes is fast becoming one of the biggest names in climate science — not as a climatologist, but as a defender who uses the tools of historical scholarship to counter what she sees as ideologically motivated attacks on the field.

    ” Her core discovery, made with a co-author, Erik M. Conway, was twofold. They reported that dubious tactics had been used over decades to cast doubt on scientific findings relating to subjects like acid rain, the ozone shield, tobacco smoke and climate change. And most surprisingly, in each case, the tactics were employed by the same group of people.”

  2. larryg Avatar

    The NYT article on Blankenship is a good read although Peter has covered a lot of it before.

  3. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    If you look on the right panel of this blog you will see my book “Thunder on the Mountain” which is all about Blankenship and it took me two years to report. It was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2012 and in paperback by West Virginia University Press in 2014,

    It is somewhat annoying to have the New York Times come in with a lengthy piece years after the fact that breaks no new ground and have people cite it as if it is news.

    The irony is that my book got a good review in the Times two years ago.

    Les, if you read this blog regularly, how come you didn’t know about my book? Do you believe that nothing is worthwhile until it is in the New York Times. I know a lot of New Yorkers are provincial like that.

    And Les, one more thing. I helped with a film documentary on the coal industry called “Blood on the Mountain” that premiered in New York May 26. I attened it. I am quoted in the movie. In fact, I am quoted saying some of the very things the Times came out with today. But I was filmed saying them more than two years ago. The film will be shown at the Naro Theater in Norfolk on Aug. 5 and is due in Richmond. Maybe you should go see it.


  4. Les Schreiber Avatar
    Les Schreiber

    Of course ,I knew about Peter’s book and as an ex New Yorker, I read the NYT every day.The important thing here is that the NYT for all its faults has a huge circulation, and the issues raised are important on the national front for 2016.
    Those are income inequality and climate change.
    When it comes to many issues the local press gives little coverage. For example, last week Hank Greenberg, former head of AIG, partially won a case against the Feds for their quasi take over of the company during the financial crisis. The implications of this for dealing with future crises could be huge. Both the NYT and Wall Street Journal covered the ruling extensively. The local paper gave it a very small notice at the back of the business section.
    No slight was intended, but it’s not a bad idea to have many sources.

  5. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Les, I am sorry to have overreacted. I was annoyed that the Times piece did have some wording, reporting and imagery that did seem to have come from the book. At least they could have mentioned it. They mentioned a couple of others. My photographer and I spent a couple of years on this project.

    You are right that the Times circulation is s a plus.

    Sorry again.,

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