Christmas 2.0

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4 responses to “Christmas 2.0”

  1. The Google Blogger software cuts off some of the video. It's also available on YouTube as the Digital Story of the Nativity.

    There is background music bit it's not critical.

    I realize that the contributors and commentators on this blog hold many different beliefs. I am not trying to convert anybody to my religious views.

    I just thought this video was brilliant.

    Merry Christmas.
    Happy Hanukkah.

    Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was so accommodating of Christians that according to the two earliest Islamic historians, Ibn e Saad and Ibn Hisham, the Prophet even allowed a delegation of 60 Byzantine Christians from Najran in Yemen to worship in his own mosque in Madinah. Lead by their bishop (Usquf), they had come to discuss a number of issues with him. When time of their prayer came, they asked the Prophet's permission to perform this in the mosque. He answered, "conduct your service here in the mosque. It is a place consecrated to God."

    Happy Holidays.

    Have a Super Solstice.

    Happy New Year.

  2. I first saw this on Chap Peterson's blog and forwarded it to a newspaper reporter friend who said that he had received more "forwards" on this than anything else …… since he had his email account!

    I liked it in part because I'm comfortable with both the theology and the technology.

    Here's another: Flash Mob!

    it sure beats… beating our gums on politics one day a year.


  3. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    Thanks, Goveton! And Merry Christmas!

    Have already sent this s abunchg of people.
    Mr. Gooze

  4. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    Love it.
    My children (8 and 14) watched it and it made them smile as well as remember the true meaning of the holidays. So for that, I thank you!

    PS: My son (the 14 year old) went through the previous post and related comments and then launched into a 30 minuet rant on politics. He wanted to post a comment. I told him to sleep on it and If he still wanted to speak his mind he could…oh my! I'm hoping X-BOX will take over. lol

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