Cantor: “I Want What I Want When I Want It”

By Peter Galuszka

The budget drama in Washington is bringing out some disturbing character flaws, namely that of Richmond Golden Boy Eric Cantor.

Cantor, the House Majority Leader and a Main Street Republican from Henrico County, has been playing a dangerous game of chicken with Barack Obama and the Democrats over budget deals that would allow the absolutely necessary raising of the federal debt ceiling.

Yet Cantor seems so self-absorbed by his rising political clout, he’s pissing a lot of other people off, too, including, the media says, Speaker of the House John Boehner, a fellow Republican and Cantor’s senior who seems more willing to compromise, which is exactly what is needed at this point.

Cantor seems to love to play Peck’s Bad Boy. He walked out of critical meetings, saying they have to go to the Obama level. Then he declares that “Obama’s thinking is unfathomable to me.” As Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank notes, Cantor has gone so far as to adopt the Cantor snarl, in which he raises his upper lip in disgust and snaps out, “That is laughable on its face.”

Boy Wonder is working hard to play to the Tea Party crowd that had dissed him in last year’s elections as a mere toadie to the big business interests which is exactly what he is. So, our “Young Gun” is trying to out-Tea Party the Tea Party by stubornly refusing any tax hikes which will be need to resolve the budget crisis. You can’t solve the problem through cuts along. That’s like denying a dying man blood.

What we’re now getting is Young Eric, the Spoiled Little Rich Boy of Richmond who was raised in such sheltered, privileged environments as Richmond’s private Collegiate School that oozes entitlement and provincial power. Cantor has never had to face a critical media — The Richmond Times-Dispatch is in his pocket. His wife is on the board of directors of Media General.

Apparently, back when he was graduating from Collegiate, Cantor chose for his yearbook quote: “I want what I want when I want it.”

His district, Virginia and the nation deserve a lot better than this behavior. The stakes are way too high.

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5 responses to “Cantor: “I Want What I Want When I Want It””

  1. So, our “Young Gun” is trying to out-Tea Party the Tea Party by stubornly refusing any tax hikes which will be need to resolve the budget crisis.

    Michelle Bachman has said she would vote against raising the debt ceiling regardless of what compromises might be made, with or without tax hikes.

  2. In Peter World, people who hew to different policy positions do not merely see the world differently, they are sneering, petulant, elitist, privileged, power hungry, toadying, stubborn, irrational, power hungry, reckless spawn of Satan. Oh, I forgot one thing: They’re also polarizing.

  3. Canada had tax hikes, but the cuts were 6 times as large. Canada’s overall economy is better than the U.S. economy. Washington hasn’t even implemented the spending cuts from the deal with GHW Bush. Mark Warner said that Virginia had a structural deficit and got tax increases. But they did not fix the structural deficit. We need to cut spending permanently.

  4. larryg Avatar

    I have yet to see from a single Republican including Mr. Cantor 1.5 trillion worth of cuts which is what it would take to balance the budget.

    The man and his party are hypocrites.

    They want to fight two wars and not pay for them and instead divert to conversation to entitlements which won’t come close to covering the deficit.

    If we can do this with cuts alone – then let the people who say we can – show us how.

    None other than David Stockton, Ronald Reagans original supply-side budget director says we cannot but I’ve got an open mind – but I want to see the cuts from those who say we can get there with cuts alone.

    otherwise… these folks are not really interested in cuts at all…

  5. […] counterpart. Though Cantor himself likes the "Young Gun" name, others also seem to use it to call up the image of an irresponsible outlaw who, unlike McConnell, seems not to care about the […]

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