Campaign Spending Out of Control

The final count is in: General Assembly candidates raised more than $67 million for the 2007 campaign — more than doubling the $30 million total from four years previously. According to numbers supplied by Clayton Roberts with the Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Education, Elephant Clan candidates amassed $30.0 million, while Donkey Clan candidates raised $28.3 million.

The biggest single fund raiser of all was Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, who rounded up $1,942,000 — all for a losing bid for a Senate seat.

Cool question: What word pops up when you run “Devolites” through Microsoft Word spellcheck?

Answer: “Desolates”!!

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4 responses to “Campaign Spending Out of Control”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Devil Lite Diva

  2. Vivian J. Paige Avatar
    Vivian J. Paige

    Um, that would be a Senate seat for JMDD, not a House seat.

  3. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Vivian, Thank you for pointing out my error made in haste. I have corrected the original post.

  4. thanks for the info. I posted a link over from the College Republican blog.

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