In case you missed it, Bwana over at Renaissance Ruminations has launched his “Fall 2006 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair.” It’s fun — go visit. See what other bloggers are reading.

I was astounded to see that the person whose reading list most closely replicates my own is Lowell Feld at Raising Kaine. Of all people! If I’d listed more than my current reading list, I would have added several of the same books, including: “The World Is Flat,” “Freakonomics,” “Guns, Germs and Steel,” “Collapse” and “Blink.” Who needs to see what people like me are reading. I’ll just start reading Lowell’s recommendations!

To see what other bloggers are reading, click here.

To see Bwana’s Virginia history and politics list, click here.

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  1. Badrose Avatar

    Lowell reads? (Only kidding.) (No, I’m not.) Only kidding –
    I read, “Freakonomics” and then chased it with, “Revolutionary Wealth.” I’m still chewing “Revolutionary Wealth” but I’ve digested enough to recommend it to anyone who enjoyed “Freakomomics.” As far as I know, RW is still only available in the hardcover edition so it’s bulky as a “take along book.” My take along book was Charles Barkley’s, “Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man?” A wonderful collection of interviews and now my take along read is Barnie & Becky’s, “Notes From the Sausage Factory.” It should be required reading for Va. political bloggers.

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