For those who do not have time to read “AntiPartisan Voters Guide” as revised, here is THE BOTTOM LINE in 500 words, more or less.

Over the past 200 years human’s have evolved economic, social and physical systems that depend on competition and consumption in the pursuit of safety and happiness.

The practical result has been to maximize consumption (aka, Mass OverConsumption) in order to optimize short-term profit. This strategy is justified on the assumption that it assures citizens access to HEALTH, SAFETY and WELFARE.

How has that worked for Homo sapiens?

For the most materially fortunate humans to every walk the Earth, especially those living in the most powerful and consumptive nation-state that has ever existed, the answer is:

HEALTH – Not well based on performance and cost of the health delivery system as measured by treatment outcomes, longevity, benefit distribution equity and citizen actions in support of their own health.

SAFETY – Not well based on ongoing wars, global terrorism, crime, incarceration rates and random aggression or based on food security, water quality, drug resistant pathogens and other parameters.

WELFARE – Not well based on the widening Wealth Gap and on measures of happiness compared to other nation-states that consume less per capita and rely less on unregulated competition.

Globally, the sustainability of human activity does not look promising when judged by parameters such as:

● Resources conservation / consumption (depletion) – humans are reaching or exceeding Peak Supply of petroleum, rare metals, rare gases, marine animals and other resources

● Energy consumption – dysfunctional generation, distribution and consumption

● Food production – topsoil loss, fossil water depletion, mal-distribution and waste of fresh water

Of primary concern is dysfunctional human settlement patterns which drive Mass OverConsumption and are the root cause of:

● The Mobility and Access Crisis
● The Affordable and Accessible Housing Crisis, and
● The Helter Skelter Crisis


On a small planet with Global economic, social and physical interconnections, GROSS INEQUITY at the Community-, SubRegional-, Regional-, MegaRegional- and continental-scales OR between ethnic and religious groups is NOT sustainable.

All citizens must have the opportunity to prosper based on effort, ability and acceptance of responsibility for their actions – individual and collective. Success cannot be based on gambling, happenstance and inheritance or on inequitable distribution of resources and opportunity.

Avoiding Collapse of civilization as-it-has-evolved and the survival for Homo sapiens comes down to understanding that:

In a ‘flat’ world with:

● wide-spread literacy,

● Instant communications / information dissemination, and

● Wide distribution of weapons of mass destruction / massive stockpiles of weapons of conventional destruction / ubiquitous access to weapons of inter-personal destruction:

There is no alternative but to make Fundamental Transformations of governance structure. These transformations can facilitate evolution of Fundamental Transformation of humans settlement patterns and of economic systems. These three Transformations are imperative if citizens are to achieve a sustainable trajectory for their civilization.

The question remains:

Will the genetic proclivities toward competition, acquisition, consumption and xenophobia that got Homo sapiens to this point in their evolution prevent the emergence of an Urban society with a sustainable trajectory?


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7 responses to “THE BOTTOM LINE IN 500 WORDS”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Are you sure that's not over 500 words?

    Maybe it only seems interminable because it is the same old, world is ending, no escape possible except one that won't work, every silver lining has a big black cloud around it claptrap as usual.

    It is the blog version of the bedraggled bearded man on the corner with a sandwich board saying "The end is near" .

    This is the same Guy who predicted disaster because the Dow was approaching 10000 for the sixth time.

    Good thing this Guy wasn't in charge of the Chilean miners rescue. They would still be waiting for fundamental change.

    Somebody, please, send this sad sack a ton of Valium.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Well, drugs are one way to avoid reality.

    The guy with the sandwich board is right, it is just a matter of timing.

    Intelligent action would make him 2 billion years early.

    Continuing to ignore what has happened in the last decade will make him 2 decades early.

    Take your choice.


  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Plus or minus 2 billion years is not very intelligent timing. How right is the guy with the sandwich board if he is off by two billion years?

    If things are as ba as EMR says, two decades isn't NEARLY enough time. The disaster he prieicts will take out a few billion people, and that will solve the problem.

    It's not like extinction or partial extinction or die-offs don;t affect other species. You cold have a totlaly "natural" ie non-human environment and still have the same sort of species driven events he describes: we are just better at it.


    You can accept that humans are part of the natural environment and what we are doing to ourselves is perfectly natural.

    It is EMR's idea of how we might survive that is unnatural.

  4. We are not going to disinvent automobiles, or ipods, or MRIs, and sooner or later everyone is going to want one.

    EMR has said we need fewer persons consuming less stuff. Less stuff isn't going to happen, so it comes down to fewer people. EMR and I will both be gone before long, so we can count ourselves among the fewer.

    It won't be enough.

    That leaves us with having a lot fewer people by accident or disaster, or as a result of central planning.

    Now, how is a cognizant democracy going to vote for central planners whose goal is to eliminate much of the electorate?

  5. Accurate Avatar

    EMR – here is but one of the problems with your scenario (aside from the fact that you want me to live in a 1000 sq. ft. concrete tower). You outline a world where everyone is 'enlightened' – that scenario ignores reality. Reality is that there are Islamic Terrorists who have no concept of what you are talking about and don't want to know about it. All they care about is killing infidels. There are Somali Pirates who have no education and don't want one, never will get one who only know guns and bombs and hijacking gets them lots of money.

    In your world I am a dumb uninformed person who can't see the future. I see the future but I see it MUCH differently than you do. The picture you paint (to me) is a huge government (despite your references to smaller units of government), it would (or so it seems) to be on the order of a "One-World-Order" type of government to ensure that ALL of mankind is following the guidelines that you believe the world needs to follow.

    The differences in economics, in education, in world view are too vast to sweep your arms and expect that we suddenly all (the entire world) equal or closer to being equal. Many of the 'changes' that you propose would be hazardous if only enacted in the USA because the rest of the world would take advantage of the situation and take advantage of us.

    I understand your reasoning even though I disagree with it. I understand (to some degree) your vision, even though I disagree with it. But I'm not sure that you've addressed the world and the difficult if not impossible task of getting the entire world to buy into your ideas.

  6. Virginia gets $45 million as a down payment on high speed rail.

    I wonder how much that is going to cost us.

  7. Forget the islmosts and pirates. A third of the world subsists on less than $5 a day. Shucks, I have neighbors who would not meet EMRs standards of enlightenment.

    Not to mention myself.

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