Blogology – Virginia Style

The most recent issue of the Bacon’s Rebellion e-magazine included a new feature column called Blogology. Blogology is an attempt to chronicle the developments in Virginia’s vibrant political blogosphere by getting to know the bloggers and blogs one-at-a-time. With the continue emergence of the medium as a political force and alternative to the traditional media, it seems like the right time to do this.

The choice of the first subject of the profile – Waldo Jaquith – was timely. As one of the veterans of Virginia’s blogging community, Waldo is among its more innovative practitioners. His latest creation – the Virginia Political Blogs aggregator – is striking in both its simplicity and potential reach. As such, it seemed fitting that a new column focused on the life and times of blogs would start with him.

Blogology will cover Virginia’s entire political blogosphere from all ideological and partisan persuasions. Hopefully, the new column will showcase a different side of the profiled bloggers, not just inside blogdom, but more purposefully to the larger political, policy and media arenas beyond. At the very least, Blogology may reflect another stage in the maturation in the sometimes rambunctious land that is the blogosphere.

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  1. Shaun Kenney Avatar
    Shaun Kenney

    Excellent idea! Looking forward to reading the installments.

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