Blogology: Vince Harris’ Too Conservative

In this week’s edition of the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine, Conaway Haskins interviews Vince Harris, author of the Too Conservative blog. Harris, a conservative Republican, began blogging a year ago at age 17, and has built Too Conservative into one of the more popular GOP-leaning blogs in Virginia. Though only a college freshman now, he has packed in an extraordinary amount of campaign and legislative experience, including stints with Rep. Tom Davis, and Sean Connaughton in his run for lieutenant governor.

Read the profile here.

Building on the Bacon’s Rebellion policy of highlighting the efforts of fellow bloggers, I will append my biweekly “blog spottings” to Conaway’s profile. Some of these blogs are newly published, some are new only in the sense that they have come to my attention. But one thing you can count on: They are geared heavily to covering state/local political, public policy, economic development and/or community development issues. This week’s spottings include:

Ox Road South, a blog maintained by Chap Peterson, a Fairfax lawyer, former member of the Fairfax City Council and former member of the Virginia legislature.

The Practical Populist, a blog maintained by “Mason,” a self-described populist.

The Shape of the Future, a blog maintained by Andrea Epps, of Chesterfield County, with a focus on local growth and development.

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space, a blog maintained by Richard Layman, of Washington, D.C., covering urban design and growth issues in Metropolitan Washington and nationally.

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