Blogflogging ‘not larry sabato’

There’s a column in the WaPo about blogflogging with ‘not larry sabato’ … I’ve enjoyed the NLS blog and the primary election predictions, but the web post have been politically adrift and personal in nature for several weeks.

The WaPo column notes Bacon’s Rebellion, the 800lb gorilla of blogs in the Commonwealth, as an honorable mention in the column’s side bar.

Q. But where’s “One’s Man’s Trash,” “Raising Kaine” and “The Jaded JD” web logs???

Obviously, the WaPo is no longer the high quality ‘Kate and Meg Show’ of the ’80s and ’90s.

File this under, ‘hacks, handlers and hustlers’…

Politicians Deal With Newcomer, The Blog / Va. Candidates Find Help, Lies on Web
David and Shayna Englin are all too familiar with the power of bloggers. Courting these off-the-cuff Internet columnists helped David Englin, a relative unknown, win a Democratic primary for a Northern Virginia House seat last month. “You can imagine how much fun it is when [state delegates] have a closed meeting . . . and all of a sudden, the secret meeting . . . is now out on the Internet.” Organizers of the Not Larry Sabato blog contend that postings about candidates are fair, especially because they are public figures. Speaking only on condition of anonymity, one of them said the blog criticizes politicians on both sides of the aisle. “We are equal opportunity bashers here.”

The Blog Spots
At least 20 blogs are discussing various aspects of the 2005 election campaign and Virginia politics in general. Here is a sample.

~ the blue dog

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  1. Bob Griendling Avatar
    Bob Griendling

    Please, Blue Dog, give Bacon’s Rebellion a break. It has evolved somewhat behind the thinking of a gorrilla, certainly a morbidly obese one.

  2. “the web post have been politically adrift and personal in nature for several weeks.”

    Perfect description of almost anything the bluedog writes or has written.

  3. Capital Bill Avatar
    Capital Bill

    I knew Larry Sabato and you’re no Larry Sabato.

  4. Steven Avatar

    Bob, I agreed with your NLS post on CC, but not the fat monkey analogy? That’s gross.

    Actually, it’s Norm ‘One Man’s Trash’ Leahy’s quote about the Bacon blog.

    Lindsey, err… I meant to say Pat.

    Why can’t the new, improved state chair find you a good desk job with DNC’s Howard Dean and his caustic staff?

    Capital Bill, I’m ‘not larry sabato’… Who are you?

    What about the WaPo column?

    ~ the blue dog

  5. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    I think it is unfortunate that the opportunity for people to expres their opinion has earned the epithet blogflogging. At the same time, I think that those who offer their opinions as pseudonyms or anonymous deserve all the attention they get.

  6. Salt Lick Avatar
    Salt Lick

    What you said, Ray. The odd thing about these attacks is how they backfire. First, they make me think more highly of Blue Dog (whom I’ve never met) because I judge someone by their enemies’ lack of restraint and fairness. But these attacks also give Dog more attention and press, which I’m sure Steve hates (“Please don’t throw me in the briar patch.”)

  7. Steven Avatar

    The Blue Dog doesn’t appreciate the anonymous ‘not larry sabato’ blogfloggers and their caustic bafflegaf. Inside the pages of the WaPo, I don’t believe Democratic candidate David and his wife Shayna Englin appreciated the antics of the blogophiles either.

    That is the point of the ‘not larry sabato’ post — Not to create a blogtroversial about the Blue Dog.

    Blogtroversial: A contraction of blog and controversial. Essentially, a post or other action taken by a blogger that causes a commotion amongst bloggers.

    And yes siree mr. salt lick…

    I sometimes feel like a Democratic ‘dumbass magnet’

    ~ the blue dog

  8. David Briggman Avatar
    David Briggman

    Who the hell wants to be Larry Sabato?
    He’s just a flag-waver for the Republicans or the Democrats…he doesn’t give third-parties the time of day.

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