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John Behan has already reported that I was scowling during the morning session of the Sorensen Blog Summit. At least I stayed to the bitter end–fellow scowler Norm Leahy left after lunch, missing most of the few minutes of thought-provoking dialog produced.

The Summit really couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to be–was it a Sorensen good government discussion grafted onto blogging, was it an issues discussion, or was it just about the unique characteristics of blogging? There were aspects of all three, but they were disjointed. I was disappointed at the low level of knowledge about blogging among the agenda speakers and I thought the quality of facilitation during the discussions was uneven.

Still, I’m glad I went and to the extent that it was the first event of its kind hosted by Sorensen, it established a baseline for the future. As always, it was interesting to see the people behind the blogs in person and I finally got to meet my colleague Barnie Day in the flesh. I have to say that the comments I found the most provocative came from those with an “old media” background: Michael Shear of the Washington Post, Bob Gibson of the Daily Progress, and our own Jim Bacon. They grasp both the similarities and the departures between blogging and journalism.

The longest discussion was about regulation and no one seems to want to be regulated any more than campaign finance laws currently mandate. I agree. During another substantive discussion, most bloggers indicated they didn’t even want to adopt voluntary codes of “conduct” or “ethics.” I think blogs adopting some general, voluntary principles would be a good thing.

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