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One new blog and one overlooked…

The Thicket at State Legislatures is a bipartisan blog for “legislative junkies” maintained by the National Council of State Legislatures. This is the only exception I’ve made so far to my “Virginia-centric blogs only” policy. One of the things most lacking in Virginia’s debates over public policy issues is a perspective on how comparable debates are unfolding in other states. The Thicket addresses that deficiency by providing a window into other legislatures.

Renaissance Ruminations, a blog maintained by Bwana, a Republican from Northern Virginia, described as “a smorgasbord of erratic thoughts on parenting, politics, grilling, marriage, public speaking and all the other things that make life interesting.”

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  1. William Woody Avatar
    William Woody

    Another new blog is from a conservative in Richmond. Thanks for the two you posted.

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