Blog Spotting: A Moderate Voice for the Blogosphere

Jumping aboard the bullet-fast Virginia blog train, Phyllis Randall offers up her entry, called A Moderate Voice. With a tagline as “The place where people from all political affiliations can discuss, learn, and laugh,” Randall describes her ideology by saying that, “Conservatives call me liberal, liberals call me conservative; depending on the issue, either characterization could be correct,”

A political consultant and activist who resides in Loudoun County, Phyllis is a Christian from a military family and pro-military moderate-to-conservative Democrat. A graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, she asserts that, “I did not choose politics it chose me; it is the passion God has placed in my heart. For me, being actively involved in our political system is not merely my choice, it is my responsibility.”

Appealing to that vast silent center that comprises the swing vote come election time, Phyllis believes that “the majority of Americans believe as I do; that usually no one party or one politician is all good or all bad. However, often rational, moderate voices are crowded out, while the vocal minority sets policy and creates legislation. This blog is my effort to let moderate voices rise to the top; and to discuss, educate and enjoy.” Her blog is not limited to Virginia local and state affairs, as her initial posts have touched on Barack Obama, the Iraq War, the Darfur crisis, and the on-going tension between evangelical Christians and the GOP.

Having met Phyllis at a recent Sorensen event, I definitely can attest to her graciousness, thoughtfulness and energy. In joining the fray, she also becomes the Commonwealth’s third discernable African-American blogger covering Virginia politics and the first from the northern part of Virginia. This is definitely a plus for both Vivian Paige and me as we try to encourage (and hopefully inspire) more and more black Virginians to set up shop in the blogosphere.

Let’s all give Phyllis and her Moderate Voice a warm welcome!

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2 responses to “Blog Spotting: A Moderate Voice for the Blogosphere”

  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Phyllis. I hope you’ll turn your talents to exploring state/local issues from your unique perspective — don’t get sucked into the maelstrom of the national media phenomenon of the day. Focusing on state/local issues is a much smaller pool, but there aren’t nearly as many people playing in it. You can have a bigger impact. And, remember, as Tip O’Neill once said, all politics is local.

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Conaway: A moderate-to-Conservatiove Democrat? If Conservative means what Conservatives mean by Conservative, then she must be on the endangered species list. On the other hand,if moderate means what Liberals mean by moderate then she is Liberal with some other leanings on specific issues.

    Like a Liberal who is a gun enthusiast and supports the 2nd Amendment. It takes all kinds to make a great Nation and Commonwealth. That’s real diversity. Diversity of ideas.

    I appreciate your kind intro for her.
    Makes me wonder, though, how many people really read anything written in the blogosphere. I’d like to see that normal bell curve.

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