A Blog Pause

For a variety of reasons, large and small, I have decided that I need to step away from this blog and my e-zine column. Jim Bacon has graciously allowed me to call it a “sabbatical,” leaving open the option for me to return at a time of my choosing.

I resolve to read more and think more during my absence, in addition to the proverbial “spend more time with my family.”

The most gratifying thing about blogging for me has always been the commenters who add new information, fresh insight, and differing perspectives–those who enrich the dialog. Fortunately, even on sabbatical, I’ll be able enjoy that positive side of this powerful medium.

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(comments below)


  1. Not Larry Sabato Avatar
    Not Larry Sabato


  2. republitarian Avatar

    Will, I hate to see you step away, but you must do what you must do. Thank you for your contribution to this blog, and we all wish you well in all of your future endeavors.

    We will all anxiously await your return.

  3. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Hope all goes well. If you were a politician, spending time with family means one of the ‘Bs’ – the Biblical, Shakespearan, Greek play reasons for the fall of any man – booze (includes drugs), bucks, babes or boys. Seriously, hope all gets great.

  4. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    Best wishes, Mr. Vehrs. I’ve taken few sablogaticals and, in the end, the utility of writing one’s thoughts out wins out over the added leisure that comes from not posting. Eventually.

  5. Is he back yet? I can’t take a blogosphere without Will Vehrs.

    Is he back yet? Is he? What’s he waiting on?

    I can’t deal with it….

  6. Without Will Vehrs at the helm, the blog inmates running the asylum.

    Who will restore the sanity to the Virginia blogisphere?

    I’ve forgotten how to make a post already….

    Come back, Papa Pundit, come back!

    ~ the blue dog

  7. Brian Patton Avatar
    Brian Patton

    Man, I had to check my calendar to make sure it was not April 1st again already.

    We are going to miss you around these parts. But, enjoy your time off.

  8. Abitmorered Avatar

    First Salt Lick now Will!

    I feel a great disturbance in the force. The dark-side has become a bit stronger. No wonder Barnie is feeling more empowered lately.

  9. I’m truly sorry to see you step away, Will. I hope the reason has to do more with your success at curbing idiocy in government than the situation in blogland.

    Just don’t get “stepping away” confused with “stepping out”.

  10. Salt Lick Avatar

    I know how it is, Will. Keeping up with the blogging world is demanding and there is not enough time in a day for most of us.

    Too bad we aren’t rich bankers living on OPM,, but life’s not fair.

    You’ll be missed. Let me know if you get down this way.

  11. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Of all the contributors to the Bacon’s Rebellion blog — and I include myself when I say this — Will remained the most consistently true to the founding vision. He kept a Virginia focus. He maintained civility. On a daily basis, he guided us to other interesting stories and commentary on the Web. He kept his commentary short and punchy, writing with an engaging style and lacing it with his trademark dry humor. In many ways, Will was the glue that held this blog together. I will miss him…. and I’m hoping that he’s experiencing severe blog-withdrawal symptoms and decides to return to blogging soon.

  12. Barnie Day Avatar

    I feel, somehow, respnsible for this–the stridency, the idiocy, the passion of the pursuit I sometimes press–and am sorry for it. Heretofore, I’ve most days felt outnumbered–but not now. You are a worthy foil, Will. And though I know exactly how you feel–exactly–and lots of days teeter on that brink myself–come back.

  13. Not Larry Sabato Avatar
    Not Larry Sabato

    Will, we need answers

  14. Ne Requiem in pace, es fini.

    In the space of one week, the blog of “Virginia politics, public policy and economic development” has been turned into a blog-swarm of spiteful Bush-bashing. Jim Bacon’s feeble attempts to counter the storm with “Can’t we all just be friends” articles won’t work; it’s the equivalent of offering bananas to monkeys in a food-riot.

    The demise was predictable. At the time, Bacon’s Rebellion was a novel shift from print to internet. Originally a vehicle for Jim’s advocacy of Virginia’s shift from industrial to service economy, the weekly e-zine offered some variety of viewpoints.

    The Bacon’s Rebellion Blog’s chosen authors made a shift toward partisan politics inevitable; the lack of clear guidelines or enforcement of everyday ethics meant the least principled would ‘win’. Rising political emphasis and obsessive hatred only needed a trigger to create a deluge of irrationality; the acceptance of dishonest manipulation opened the floodgates.

    Emotional hysterics of the feeding frenzy have replaced any semblance of discourse; objective comments have been gagged, 2000-word cut-n-paste comment-spam drowns out dialog, dissenting remarks get erased or shouted down, and negative articles flood the blog. Constructive criticism is lost in the clamor.

    At the center of the shambles is former state Delegate Barnie Day (D-10th) — totally silent about FEMA’s 25-day response when his own Patrick County’s damaged from remnants of Hurricane Jeanne — now endlessly braying about failure of leadership… as long at the word ‘leader’ equals ‘Republican’.

    The lunatics of partisanship are running the asylum. Not a word on Virginia politics, public policy, or economic development. The articles aren’t even intended for comment. It’s out-and-out trolling —by the blog-author with consent of the owner.

    Now the loss of key player Will Vehrs; the only contributor inside the state’s business administration, a knowledgeable and (by any measure) reasonable participant. If his decision is linked with recent regrettable events, more’s the pity. Vehrs was a strength who gave a fair view to many issues, typifying what this blog was supposed to be.

    Bacon-o-Meter: Stick a fork in it, it’s done.
    –(Lou Reed, “Last Great American Whale“)

  15. Dear Bacon’s bits blogfloggers…

    “Hang on to your Emotions” by Lou Reed

    When your imagination has too much to say
    when the chill of the night meets the sweat of the day
    And you have trouble understanding what other people have to say you’d better

    Hang on to your emotions, hang on to your emotions

    When a demagogue inside your head has taken charge
    and by default what you say or do is criticized
    And this litany of failures is recited a thousand times
    you’d better

    Hang on to your emotions, hang on to your emotions

  16. Nice catch, blue-doggie.

    Still gonna miss Will though. Darn fine writer; concise and tight but clear and thorough.

    Doubt if Jim can find anyone else (if there is anyone else) who’s so dedicated to and articulate about Virginia and Virginia small business.

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