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6 responses to “Blog the Budget! Technology”

  1. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Am I the only person who does not understand what CIT does?

  2. Lucy Jones Avatar

    Where’s the money for Northrop Grumman or can that not be included yet?

  3. Lucy Jones Avatar

    The standard statement,

    “includes adjustments for changes in project management and security provided by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency and the transformation to service-based billing for technology services other than hardware and software”

    is in all the other budgets. Are these amounts included in the budget for VITA? Is there a breakdown of these amounts and what they are for? They are lumped together with “central agency charges” in the budgets so it’s hard to tell what part is going to VITA.

  4. Lucy Jones Avatar

    I would like to know more information on the “$1 million – consulting service line to match large-scale consumers with advanced technology companies”.

    This same line is in a couple places. Are they the same 1 million dollars?

    **In the Nanotechnology area and it looks like this is mainly creating reports to government officials.

    **In the ITA area to match Fed Gov’t agencies and fortune 500 companies with developers.
    Will all Virginia technology deals have to go through this service? Will they have to pay a fee to register? If not, how does this consulting service intend to become self-sufficient? How will the “developers of desired technologies” be chosen?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I think it’s obvious what CIT does. They…um…accelerate technology.

  6. theShadow Avatar

    I did find it interesting that, during the move to the new data center, VITA promises the computer outage for the Commonwealth will only last up to 48 hours. I assume the Executive Branch doesn’t mind being offline for two days..?

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