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Yesterday was both a day without blogging and a day without sunshine.

I missed weighing in yesterday on the vapid Richmond Times-Dispatch front-page-above-the-fold blogging story. Commonwealth Conservative, as usual, was on top of it, drafting off of One Man’s Trash, and River City Rapids had two rebuttals.

Over a year ago, and maybe two (I can’t find the link), award-winning T-D political reporter Pamela Stallsmith did a front page, below the fold story on political blogs. Maybe yesterday equal time was being given to less polished views on blogging. Blogs with less than stirring content deserve scrutiny, too, I guess.

At least we know that politically oriented blogs are read by at least one editorial writer for the RT-D and I know that several RT-D reporters also peruse them. Maybe they check out cat bloggers, too.

Last week at a business function I met a young woman who revealed that she had a blog. I went to it, as I have occasionally to other blogs of that generation, and found the focus on relationships and the shallow but hip anti-Bushism tossed in as if to validate bona fides. There’s a lesson in those blogs for advertisers and political strategists, but I’m not smart enough to figure out what it is.

Update: The Jaded JD accuses me of elitism based on this post and he has a point, considering the imprecise words I used. Let me just say in my defense that if were truly an elitist, I wouldn’t be reading all the blogs that I do, blogs of every stripe and persuasion, and I wouldn’t link to as many as I do. I’ve been blogging for longer than most of my Virginia blog colleagues and I’ve been as big a booster of blogging, for all purposes, as anyone.

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  1. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Yeah, Will, I was disappointed that the article didn’t mention Bacon’s Rebellion, or even any of our peers like Commonwealth Conservative et al. But that’s OK. The front page of the WSJ ran an article noting that newspaper circulation is in virtual free-fall, showing the largest decline last year in more than a decade.

    By contrast, page views to the Bacon’s Rebellion website hit a record 14,000 last week. Blogger doesn’t allow me to track traffic on the blog, but given the increasing level of participation in the comments, I sense that traffic is building far faster than the Bacon’s Rebellion website/newsletter did at a comparable stage three years ago.

  2. you can add a script to the template using a variety of tracker sites. it’s not extremely complicated (takes about 30 minutes). Waldo – you’re the techno wiz – got any suggestions?

  3. Jason Kenney Avatar
    Jason Kenney

    I personally use SiteMeter. Not sure how accurate it is, but it helps give an idea of hits.

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