Better Late Than Never

This apparently new column is just getting around to noticing Barnie Day and Becky Dale‘s Notes from the Sausage Factory, available, of course, at Bacon’s Rebellion. College courses are apparently using the book, although Professor Sabato was not mentioned.

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2 responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Becky Dale Avatar

    A VCU professor plans to use the book next fall. A UR professor is thinking about using the book next semester but hasn’t decided yet. The book wasn’t designed as a textbook; it’s meant for general readers. Anyone interested in VA politics should enjoy reading it.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    At Mr. Jefferson’s University, my professors had a lot of non-texts on the course list. I’d put this work against any of them.

    Too often those who study the political arts fail to see the innate humanity of those in the arena, and it’s a daggone shame.

    Kudos to all who contributed to the book, and let’s hope the next generation learns that a vigorous debate’s best complement is finding the human key to consensus, even with your most hated adversary.

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