Beating on the Blue Dog

Over at Commonwealth Conservative, Scott Hanger, son of Senator Emmett Hanger, defends his Dad and lambastes our own Blue Dog, Steve Sisson, in the comments section.

I know John Behan is the Instapundit of Virginia, with big page view numbers, but I’m still surprised at the placement and timing of this outburst. Check it out–thanks, Paul, for the pointer.

Update: Hmmmm. Scott Hanger also posted his comment here on Sic Semper Tyrannis. Maybe he’s working his way to getting it on Bacon’s Rebellion ….

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(comments below)


  1. Momma said there would be days like this.

    Oh Scotty! Let it go, please …

    I’m not running for the GOP Lt. Governor nomination — but … there’s an election every year in Virginia. And who really knows what the future holds for any of us.

    If you don’t like the Blue Dog Tales column, you’re really not going to like the ‘tell-all’ book entitled, “Adventures in Warnerland.” It’s due out August 2005 (the price is $24.99).

    Right now, the Blue Dog is not a candidate for elected office. That means I’m publishing.

    But for the record, I do not support Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and wrote about that in my weekly AFP column, nor do I prescribe to Gay & Lesbian marriages, please check out the 2003 Family Forum candidate questionnaire.

    Let’s set the record straight. Because I support the same abortion legislation as Senator Hanger and many other Virginians. But the VA NARAL questionnaire was never made public.

    The NRA rated ‘the Blue Dog’ a B+ pro-gun candidate in 2003. That means I like guns.

    The Blue Dog believes in ‘Leaner Government’ and ‘Lower Taxes” and signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As a candidate in 2003, I became the first Democrat in the Old Dominion to be endorsed by the Virginia Club for Growth.

    That means I’m the ‘real’ fiscal conservative.

    As far as the split in the Republican Party. Please blame Governor Mark Warner and the pro-tax GOP members of the General Assembly for that fact. I don’t deserve that distinction, but it might help sell more ‘Adventures in Warnerland’ books come August.

    Can I quote you?

    Finally, Politics is about debate (apparently, you don’t agree) — But Senator Paul Wellstone made Democrats sit up and take notice. And I admired him for his convictions unlike these Democratic ‘wall flowers’ in Virginia. After his death, I said Paul Wellstone was a good man and liberal Democrats would miss him. There’s nothing sinister in that.

    That’s just being a good Christian.

    For the record, I attend an Evangelical Christian Church.

    Have a nice day?

    ~ the blue dog

    Btw, my buddy, Grover Norquist, is sending me an autographed Americans for Tax Reform “Least Wanted Poster” which features Senator Hanger and his buddy, Governor Mark Warner. Do you want one too? I’ll pay the postage.

  2. One thing that gets me about this whole thing – where does the passion for taxes come from? People are ready to run this guy (Hanger) out of the state for raising the cigarette and sales tax. I just don’t see how all of this affects me…or anyone else. I mean, maybe marginally.

    I could understand a passionate debate about abortion, for example. Or Terry Schiavo. But taxes? People get so worked up. It’s like the anti-tax philosophy has become a religion and gained a life of its own. Those who trample on it are portrayed as evil villains who are committing immoral acts.

    I don’t see taxes as a moral issue. So I don’t get the fury.

  3. Scott Hanger Avatar
    Scott Hanger

    Mr. Sisson,
    For the record, I never said you don’t attend church. I am all for debate and recognize it as an essential part of the political process. However, I’m in favor of honest debate…So I think that pretty much ends any conversation you and I might have. I don’t want to drag this any further, so I will merely hang on to the clips I googled about your stance on abortion prior to your senate run in 2003 along with the Wellstone comment you posted on a Democratic chat board. The Internet is a marvelous thing. Oh, and another thing…Dad has an A+ rating from the NRA and a 100% rating from the family foundation. I didn’t say gay and lesbian “marriage”…my word was “unions” and you do support those. Claiming to be a journalist, you have a responsibility sir to provide the truth. I merely decided to hold you accountable to it. You will not taunt me or prod me into saying anything inappropriate. All of my remarks are a matter of fact and record. You mentioned that you are a Christian. Please remember that when you write your articles. Thank you.

  4. See you in Rio de Janeiro Scotty

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  6. Debate? Senator Hanger would not debate during the election, why do I want to debate the son.

    ‘Nuff said.

    I need to go play football with my son right now.

    Give it a rest.

  7. Scott Hanger Avatar
    Scott Hanger

    I believe I will. Thank you for your time Mr. Sisson. I believe every person has redeeming quality, and contrary to what you may contrive, I do not personally dislike you. Life is too short to go around hating people. I wish you the best, and remember your own advice of “Give it a rest” when you decide to write mistruths about others. Take care.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    When you raise sin taxes you hinder the states ability to fund programs to stop people from using these items. What benifit is there to the state to try and help people quit smoking or drinking when a good portion of its income is now based off of its taxation? And it’s not just sin taxes, it’s sales taxes as well. Congrats, poor guy, you now have to pay more if you want to clothe your children.

    Ultimately, everyone screams about the dire fiscal straights of the state when we now have a $1.2 billion surplus based on raising taxes on those who can least afford it, the poor and the fixed income (namely elderly). Those who are least able to part with this money are suffering because a few Republicans decided they were going to swallow Warner’s sales pitch. THAT’S where the moral issue on this is and THAT is where these officials need to be held accountable.

  9. But that’s only if you believe that Warner knew about the surpluses before he decided to raise taxes! I’m still not convinced…if anyone hits me with some evidence, I’m definitely open to it.

  10. Jason Kenney Avatar
    Jason Kenney

    Didn’t Warner release a Governer’s report a few days after signing the legislation that showed the state economy on an upswing and the taxes unnecessary? Something for me to look into…

  11. victoria Avatar

    Scott… shouldn’t you be out getting petitions signed?

  12. Who cares about Mollycoddle’s report or Hanger’s petitions?

    You folks don’t suppose State Senator Russ Pott’s daughter attack GOP Chair Kate Obenshain Griffin as well?

    Curious minds want to know. I could write a column about it.

    Btw, I heard things weren’t going to good — It’s all the Blue Dog’s fault.

    Call 9-WAAA-WAAA!!!

  13. republitarian Avatar

    Wow, Steve I have really enjoyed you’re work here, it’s almost as good as you’re columns. This was definetly a good read.

  14. It seems Sisson is trying to suck up to the ultra right hoping to get their support to run for the repbulican nomination in two years.
    Won’t work though. They pretend to give him inside information so he’ll be their “attack dog” to test reaction before it is attached to them. He thinks they like him. They’re laughing at him.

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    This stuff is hilarious! It sounds to me like the “Blue Dog” is losing his cool. I love it! I heard things are going very well for the Hanger campaign.

  16. Wuh oh, the tables are turned now. But of course, who knows who these anonymous people are. For example, check out the next post:

  17. Senator George Allen Avatar
    Senator George Allen

    Everyone. Gather round. I have something to say:

    I have mouth cancer from my disgusting tobacco chewing habit. I’m going to die in 2 months. Good bye, cruel world.

  18. Hey, this guy left a comment on MY blog, and I’ve been shut down for two weeks! This guy is out for blood.

  19. I had a dog once that wouldn’t behave. Had him neutered. Solved the problem.

  20. victoria Avatar

    This is getting good… I’m taking bets on Hanger getting on the ballot. Anyone want in? I’m betting it won’t happen. Where are all these guys who said they were running state-wide? Way behind Connaughton and McDonnell… two good guys and the only two who have their acts together…

  21. Can you say elevated sense of self doggy importance? A tell all book?
    I bet that will sell just about as well as the blue dog underwear!

  22. Victoria:

    Maybe this is a dumb thing to ask, but do you mean Hanger isn’t getting the signatures?

  23. Michelle Avatar

    Who calls themselves “the blue dog”? And what does that mean anyway?! It sounds very egotistical to me. Hmmm…I wonder if he wears blue underoos with doggie prints on them around the house?

  24. republitarian Avatar

    Let’s all be nice to Steve. He’s just like everyone else here, having a little fun with politics. At least Steve doesn’t hide behind “anonymous”. Steve’s views are just as valuable as everyone who’s hammering him. If Steve’s wrong about something, prove it otherwise buy some BLUEDOG underpants and shut up about it , okay.

  25. With all due respect Repbulitarian, before you hang out too far in defense of Sisson, you should read his past “columns.”

    Look him up on

  26. Senator George Allen Avatar
    Senator George Allen

    Doesn’t anyone care that I’m dying?!?!? I’m sick!!!

  27. Thank you, Replitarian.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog post. I seen you’re dealing with caustic blogs as well.

    But 27-post in one day on Bacon’s Rebellion is super along with the traffic on four other blogs. This is great for future book sales.

    Remember, for only $24.99 — You can read more about “My Political Soap Opera” with Gov. Warner, his staff and those boys & girls running the DPVA. Oh, and their GOP buddies.

    Word is: Hanger’s petitions are going nowhere — Two Dem State Senate sources said so along with an anti-tax ‘Pub state Senator.

    Victoria is right on the money again. Do I know this gal?

    Not sure, but I have a hunch.

  28. Mrs. Allen Avatar
    Mrs. Allen

    It’s ok George. Come home and nestle yourself in my squirrel fur coat and I’ll take care of you.

  29. You guys might find this interesting. This is what lowell fulk had to say about hanger last year during the extended session. Does anyone remeber the radio commercials featuring homer and marge simpson talking about hangers “Tax Plan” against families with both parents working?
    Fulk’s numbers need to be revised for the increase in fuel price but otherwise I have to say he seems to have it nailed. Boy I’d hate to run against him…
    I hope our party has a good man. Does anyone know anything about fulks opponent?

  30. Chris:

    It’s Matt Lohr. I served on the Rockingham County Planning Commission with him. He’s a good candidate.

    Senator Mark Obenshain’s Richmond report wrote, “In the 26th House District, which covers the City of Harrisonburg and much of Rockingham County, Rockingham County School Board Chairman, Matt Lohr will be seeking the Republican Nomination. Matt is an exceptionally well-qualified candidate. He will stand strong for limited constitutional government, individual liberties, personal responsibility and for family values. Matt and his wife Andrea have both taught in our public schools. Matt is now a farmer and a small businessman.”

    “In addition to the School Board, Matt has served on the Rockingham County Planning Commission and has served as President of the Rockingham County Farm Bureau.”

    Matt Lohr is the Republican ‘real deal’ … No doubt about it.

    Fulk is a nice guy as well.

    Should be an interesting campaign.

  31. republitarian Avatar

    Hate to disagree with you Steve but Matt is a horrible candidate. He has missed an extraodinary amount of meetings, both school board and MTC. He gave Lowell money during last election but tried to give it in such a way that it wouldn’t be reported and was handpicked by Obenshain. And there’s more. I will be putting my website up, hopefully monday with Matt’s atrocious attendence(I have all the minutes) and the photocopied checks Matt and Andrea wrote to Lowell. Steve, I’m telling you there’s somethings you don’t know about this guy.

  32. republitarian Avatar

    BTW, I’ve read numerous columns by Steve and will be responding to some of them on my website.

  33. republitarian Avatar

    And the “Beating of the Blue Dog” will stop now. I CALLED PETA!!!!!!

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