Barnie: Breakfast with Schapiro?

Barnie, I just read your Roanoke Times column on Russ Potts. I have to wonder if you’re eating corn flakes with Jeff Schapiro!

While I’ll grant that Russ Potts got fawning coverage of his gubernatorial bid announcement and a few follow-up articles, where do you get this assessment of the Winchester Senator?

How is it possible that he’s already toe-to-toe in media coverage, toe-to-toe in the political coin that means the most, in “legitimacy,” with Jerry Kilgore, the GOP’s Six Million Dollar Man?

Here’s a guy who needs 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot and he doesn’t even have one volunteer with a petition on election day in Panny Rhodes’ old Henrico District? Potts lacing up his running shoes? He’s not even in the locker room!

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  1. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Will, I checked Tom Whipple’s clip service for today, yesterday and Tuesday. What’s the headline score?

    “Potts faces wrath of GOP”
    “GOP Maverick”
    “City GOP shows Potts the Door”
    “Winchester Republican Committee Denounces Potts”

    “Kilgore Makes Campaign Stop”
    “Kilgore says he won’t raise taxes for roads”

    Hey, pal. Do the math.

  2. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Ok, four articles about Potts’ negative reception from those who know him best to two positive articles about Kilgore’s campaign that’s just getting ready to swing into high gear.

    I surrender.

  3. But do they serve cornflakes at Mark Warner’s “Waffle House?”

    In Virginia, Jeff Shapiro is the king of the Palmer Eldritch moment …

    Mark Warner is ‘the running man’ … while Russ Potts is headed for ‘total recall.’

    Goodnight VA!

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