Bags of Undelivered Mail Found in Virginia Beach Dumpster

by Kerry Dougherty

More mail shenanigans. This time in Virginia Beach.

Builder Joseph T. Garganus was taking two homeowners on a walk-through of their new Cape Cod home in the 3200 block of Colechester Road on Thursday afternoon when the owners asked if there were any extra pieces of siding that they could keep.

Garganus headed to the construction dumpster on the property for a look.

The general manager of Custom Builders Express was fishing out a few lengths of siding when something caught his eye. In one corner of the dumpster there were three clear bags – 50 gallons each – filled with something that looked like mail.

“If they’d been black bags I probably wouldn’t have even looked,” Garganus told me Thursday.

Photo credit: Joseph T. Gurganus

The builder said he reckons there were 70-80 pounds of mail: bills, letters, circulars, what appeared to be birthday cards. He did not see any ballots.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

At 1:30 Garganus called the Virginia Beach Police Department’s non-emergency number. The police arrived on the scene, confirmed that it was, indeed, undelivered mail and summoned investigators from the U.S. Postal Service.

Virginia Beach Police Public Affairs Officer Linda Kuehn told me the investigation was then handed off to the mail inspectors.

Tampering with the US mail is a felony. If the culprit is found guilty he or she could face up to five years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines.

Garganus said the dates on the envelopes indicated these were recently posted letters and that most of the mail appeared to be bound for the Pungo and Sandbridge area. He believes the bags were dumped over the weekend.

“There were bills, letters, what looked like birthday cards,” Garganus said.

This alarming discovery comes as American voters weigh the risks of voting in person against trusting their ballots to the USPS. Anecdotal reports of mail tampering from around the country are beginning to accumulate.

On Wednesday Forbes reported that a mail carrier in Hudson County, N.J., was arrested and charged with mail obstruction for tossing more than 1,000 pieces of mail – including ballots – in a dumpster.

Last weekend at least six mailboxes were vandalized in the Richmond area and contents were stolen.

I asked Garganus if he’d consider mailing his ballot for the November election.

“Are you kidding me? Definitely not,” declared the Yorktown resident. “No way!”

Photo from Joseph T. Gurganus Facebook page captioned “Interesting day at work…. I found 70-80lbs of undelivered mail in our construction container. This is ridiculous!!!! Y’all ready to vote??? Lol”

This column is republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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24 responses to “Bags of Undelivered Mail Found in Virginia Beach Dumpster

  1. Vote by mail, and you’re taking your chances. Lost mail. Stolen ballots. Missing postmarks. Improper signatures. There may be a 99% chance your vote will get counted, but I’m going to be 100% sure my vote will be registered when I cast my vote in person election day.

    • All things considered – do you think it would favor one party over another?

      And as soon as election officials set up drop boxes, guess what the GOP did?

      • Absolutely. Your “Democrat” party has been building the infrastructre to STEAL this election they know their Mafia-style criminal crowd can’t win legally, literally DESTROYING peoples financial lives with their lawless shut down of Democrat controlled cities…and trying to force billions of dollars into COVID relief bills for “mail-in” voting, ONLY to put Democrat voter fraud on “steroids”. Deny it all you want. It’s right there in your face.

    • It is very obvious what must be done — open voting centers in grocery stores, Lowes, Home Depots, and during protest marches and attacks on government offices and stores — all of these places have been deemed ‘safe spaces’ from C-19

      • Nope. They go up in govt buildings, schools, and in front of post offices…

        The right has demogagued and undermined the post office… now they want to keep drop boxes from being set up in legitimate locations.

        It’s modern day voter suppression.

        • Oh – and I forgot to include our vaunted ABC stores — which the GOV has allowed to be open from the beginning…..because it’s a proven fact that C-19 won’t go near alcohol….while polling places will kill you as you stand in line… it’s safe to do so in order to buy liquor.
          [NOTE: for those who can’t read between the lines or see my rolling eyes, the above is sarcasm aimed at our idiotic non-science based C-19 mandates like allowing only 1,000 people in Lane Stadium].

          • Have you actually been in a liquor store lately? Last time I was in I had to wear a mask and stay back six feet at the checkout.

            And again – it’s not only how close you are to someone – it’s for how long – even in an outdoor venue!

            And it’s the same COVID19 protocals used by many other countries – who actually do follow them.

            Seems like the White House hasn’t learned that…. no surprise.

          • James Wyatt Whitehead V

            I wonder if you can still sneak in ziplock bags of Jim Beam at Lane Stadium to add a little zip to the Pepsi?

          • You’re right. If it was “science based”, the stadium would be closed to all.

  2. This is not new. Such stories have appeared before, sometimes with reports of postal workers losing their jobs (not always.) Per kls59, I can remember visiting Texas during voting season and seeing tables in malls where early voting was taking place. OK with that.

  3. Seems to be a yearly occurrence in that city.

  4. Ah, the anti vote by mail drumbeat of the right!

  5. You know the unfunny thing? For decades, we’ve been telling the rest of the world how to do fair elections and preserve Democracy.

    now the rest of the world looks at us and says – “what a bunch of asshats”.and guys like Putin say “attaboy”.

  6. Check out this post carefully. The destinations for most of the mail were the Sandbridge and Pungo areas of Virginia Beach. Kerry can correct me, but Pungo appears to be a rural area of Virginia Beach, while Sandbridge is the wealthy area of Virginia Beach. Just guessing, but I bet that both these areas contain mostly Trump voters.

    Ballots were found in this collection of discarded mail. Kerry, do we know if these were blank ballots to be used by voters in these areas?

  7. Birthday Cards? How did they know they were birthday cards?

    It sounds like it was junk mail – not personal mail. no?

    • Hand-addressed envelope, with a stiff-card like object inside, about the standard size of a birthday card….might even have the “Hallmark” logo on the back of the flap.

      Being observant of the world around you can lead to some astounding insights….

      • well for those who were not there – and hearing that “birthday cards” were involved, it sounded like not one or two but a bunch… and yes, I get “birthday cards” from the people I do business with… usually NOT hand addressed….

        It sounded like a LOT of “commercial” mail – and if it had other personal mail in it – it would be far more than just “birthday cards”. It would have had a lot of personal mail and it did not sound like that.

        I suspect a carrier just dumped his/her load of commercial map – and really, it ought not be that hard to track down who did it.

        Now, if they DO track him/her down and we DO find out that they are a Democrat operative… I’ll say mea culpa. If not, heavy skeptic.

    • Nobody said they were birthday cards. What the man said was: “There were bills, letters, what looked like birthday cards,”… What LOOKED like birthday cards.

      Also, “bills” and “letters” does not sound like “junk mail to me”.

      • Thanks to you and Idiocracy for highlighting the possible need for a class in reading comprehension on this blog.

        And yes, admittedly I may need to attend such a class also…

        now back to topic…

    • Pink, orange, and green envelopes

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