Bacon’s Rebellion: An Endorsement-Free Zone

A quick note about Bacon’s Rebellion‘s endorsement policies: We don’t endorse political candidates and we don’t endorse political parties. Contributing bloggers are, of course, free to vote for and endorse anyone they like on their own websites — and they do. But this blog eschews partisan politics. We focus on state and local issues, most of which transcend party lines.

If you want the latest tit-for-tat in the Allen-Web race for U.S. Senate, there are many excellent websites to consult on both sides. Virginia is blessed with an incredibly vibrant blogosphere.

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4 responses to “Bacon’s Rebellion: An Endorsement-Free Zone”

  1. Which is why you don’t get mentioned in the Washington Post — you aren’t “controversal enough”.

    I wish your blog was the one highlighted, as it shows what blogs CAN be, rather than what they currently are sinking to.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Jim – isn’t this post a bit disingenuous considering that, on your main web site, right now, you have Bowden endorsing George Allen.

    And McSweeney was nothing more than a GOP hit man from your pages for some time – c’mon!

    If anything, you pick and choose. When the GOP looks bad and can’t be defended, like right now, you concentrate on other things. When it’s time to bash Kaine, though… look out!

    I urge everyone to read the front page story in the POST today, an excerpt from the book, “Imperial Life in the Emerald City.” If you plan on voting for Republicans after you read that, you must really be an idiotlogue.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Why would anyone give credibility to a political story in the Post? One respected reporter once told me in confidence that the editors have been spiking a couple of negative stories about Kaine, developer money and the Governor’s quick abandonment of his campaign promise to prevent developers to build unless there was sufficient road capacity. Interesting how Kaine’s inauguration received $400,000 and he began his quest for highways.

  4. Eat Quaker Oats every day. It wil lower your cholesterol.

    There’s my endorsement.

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