Bacon Opens Mouth, Mayhem Ensues

I been blogging less and jabbering more this week. I don’t know if the world is better or worse off for it, but for those of you who subscribe to the theory that “there’s no such thing as too much bacon,” I offer the following for your listening/viewing pleasure.

Two Mikes podcast. Conversation with Michael Scheuer and Co. Mike about how Virginia has fallen into a pit of pure craziness, with a focus on the University of Virginia, the Virginia Military Institute, the Northam administration’s public education policy, and social-justice indoctrination for Alexandria Little Leaguers.

Tidewater Libertarian Party zoomcast. I join in a zoomcast presentation on Critical Race Theory. The Heritage Institute’s Hans Spakovsky provides an overview of CRT’s origins and how it is playing out nationally, while I discuss how it is being implemented in Virginia under the guise of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


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2 responses to “Bacon Opens Mouth, Mayhem Ensues”

  1. vicnicholls Avatar

    Jim you did a great job at the TLP. We appreciate it. You need to sponsor another get together dinner or the like when I come.

  2. CJBova Avatar

    Just listened to the podcast. Plan to listen again and share!

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